5 Things to Consider When Choosing Property Management Company in Atlanta

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You cannot entrust your property into the hands of any random property manager you come across. The property is your valuable asset that requires a property manager who is experienced, licensed, and one who will respond to your conditions with transparency.

Atlanta has a large pool of property managers seeking to manage your property. By looking into their names, they might all look good. What makes a difference is when you review each individually to help you decide which one to choose. Here are the important things to consider.

Types of services they offer

Property management companies differ in the type of services they offer. Some will specialize only in rental collections. Some other companies go beyond rent to do tenant screening and signing lease agreements. Others will do more than the usual – like property inspection, repair and maintenance, marketing, advertising, and fulfill other legal requirements.

When considering a property management company, choose Atlanta advanced property management services that will provide you with hassle-free property management services.

A good property management service will provide you with a wide range of services that meet your specific needs. They will help you find a great tenant through an elaborate screening process. They will help maintain your property and collect rent on your behalf. Their services offer advanced solutions with a data-driven approach. They will deliver a steady service that will ensure you get a reliable return from your property. There are good property management services in Atlanta that you can find like Evernest, Mynd, or Excalibur.

Look at experience

The property market is complex but more so, it is a highly competitive market. It has its unique way of managing it and only companies that do their business differently succeed in this market. If a company is new, it might take longer to learn the tricks that help keep a sustainable service.

One of the best ways to know if a property management company is good is to look at its experience. The number of years the company has served in the industry proves whether it will serve you well. It will have a good track record of work done over a long period. It is also easy to get reviews or testimonials from satisfied clients. These reviews will help you know if you are dealing with the right company that is well-versed in the property market dynamics.

Verify if it’s licensed

It is quite common to come across companies managing property without any licenses. If you choose such a company, you are set to lose your money and peace of mind. The law can finally catch up with them and you lose your money in the process. Competency cannot be measured by experience only. It should focus on several other parameters like knowledge, availability, and reputation in the market.

A good property management company must be registered with the government and have a valid license. The manager should have the technical expertise and the certificates that go with it. You can confirm the licenses with the local real estate commission. The manager should also have professional affiliations, although this might not be mandatory. Some of the affiliations you might look at are the National Association of Residential Property Managers, the Residential Management Professionals, and the Master Property Manager.

Consider their conditions

The binding document between you and the property management company is the signed agreement. You cannot sign an agreement before you understand its contents. If you do, you automatically agree with every detail of its content with immediate effect.

Study the document beforehand to understand its content. If they are portions or clauses you don’t agree with, request amendments. There might be omitted clauses that your fee will help safeguard your rights better. Bring them to the attention of the property manager to be added to the document. If there are areas you cannot agree upon, decide whether you will be okay to sign the document as it is or you will look for another company. It might help to seek advice from a property lawyer on areas you don’t understand. It is better to delay the signing of the document than to regret it later.

Location of company

It might not seem like a very important point, but the location of the property management company matters. For example, your property is in Atlanta, and the property manager is in Macon, a city about 100 miles away. They might not be able to manage your property better than a company within Atlanta. If you sign an agreement with them, there are other extra costs you must get ready to pay for.

First, considering the distance, the manager will put the transport cost on you. Due to the expenses and logistics involved, the property manager might only be inspecting your property once in a blue moon or only when there is trouble on the ground that requires their immediate attention.

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