How To Build The Perfect Fireplace For Your Living Room

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For those that have one, the fireplace is often the center of attraction in a living room. For instance, it creates a cozy ambiance during the winter season. Moreover, having a fireplace in your home not only adds warmth but also adds beauty to the space.

As you think of ways to improve your home, it’s hard not to consider adding a fireplace. In the winter months, nothing beats curling up next to a crackling fire with a cup of cocoa and some blankets. And in the summertime, it can serve as a fabulous centerpiece.

If you’re planning to build one for your living room, here are some things you may consider to help you make your dream of a perfect fireplace come true:

The Perfect Spot

Before starting the project, you first need to decide on a location to build your fireplace. If you’re not confident about planning everything by yourself, you might want to get the help of an architect or an expert in the field. You can find heating contractors online like that give consultation to their clients and provide estimates on the cost of construction.

Make sure that you find a location in your living room that is open and well-ventilated. Also, it’s better to keep your home’s fireplace away from the kitchen and other busy areas where you hold various activities.

Your Dream Design

Once you decide on a location, it’s time to start designing your fireplace. You can either go for a traditional and simple fireplace or a more contemporary and stylish one. When choosing the design, make sure that it matches your house’s décor and style. Also, if possible, choose a design that’s big enough to warm your entire living room.

Choosing the design of your fireplace also depends on the type of fuel you wish to use. If you plan to use wood as your primary fuel, go for a simple one without much detail. Remember that the right design will help ensure that the flame won’t get blocked or lumped up with wood.

On the other hand, if you’re into something more stylish, you can choose a design with a flat surface or one where the flame doesn’t open directly to the living room.

The Right Kind Of Fuel

Another important factor that needs attention while building a fireplace is the fuel you wish to use. You can choose between wood or gas as your primary fuel. However, you must realize the pros and cons of both fuels before choosing.

Since a fireplace with a gas starter tends to be easier and faster to start than a wood-burning fireplace, people prefer using it for their living rooms. On the other hand, you should consider the potential problems that come along with it. Since gas is highly flammable, there are chances for fire accidents that may cause damage to your house.

Wood-burning fireplaces are suitable for people who want to warm up only the room they’re in. You can opt for a design that’s more traditional and simpler. These types of fireplaces also help in increasing the air quality in your house.

Whether you’re planning to go for a gas or electric fireplace, make sure to familiarize yourself with its safety instructions before using it.

The Ideal Material

The next step is to choose the material for your fireplace. Different materials are available in the market, but you should consider choosing one that’s easy to clean and maintain.

One of the best choices that you can opt for is fireclay brick since it provides better insulation than wood. It also helps in reducing energy costs and improves the performance of your fireplace.

Concrete is another option that you can use since it’s available in different textures and styles. It also helps in providing easy maintenance to your fireplace.

When it comes to adding character to your fireplace, homeowners also choose bricks. However, make sure that you choose bricks of the same texture so that your fireplace will look beautiful.

The Exact Size And Shape

Before you move ahead with buying a fireplace, measure the size of your living room and choose the right size for your fireplace accordingly.

Remember that if you plan to put furniture around it, then make sure to allot space on all sides so that people can easily walk around the room. Also, try to keep furniture at a safe distance from the fireplace.

A Beautiful Mantel And Hearth

You need to select the right mantel and hearth since they’ll enhance the look of your fireplace. For instance, if you choose a simple style, it’ll look good with a traditional fireplace. On the other hand, contemporary designed fireplaces look good with taller and more ornate mantels.

While choosing the mantel, make sure to select one wider than the fireplace opening since it’ll support the materials you use. Also, don’t forget to measure the mantel’s thickness, width, and height before finalizing your decision.

If you want an instant renovation, consider using wallpaper on either side of your fireplace since it will help hide the wall surface.

Homey Accessories

As far as adding accessories is concerned, you should focus on selecting a suitable color scheme that matches your living room’s décor. Also, don’t forget to choose pieces that are in harmony with your fireplace mantel and the surrounding space.

Wall sconces are also an important accessory for your fireplace as they can be used as a source of light. These scones can also be added to your mantel to help create the right ambiance for your living room. Since wall sconces come in different shapes and sizes, make sure to choose one that suits your fireplace and design.

Another way to add warmth and character to your fireplace is to decorate it with plants. For instance, you can place a large potted plant in the corner of your living room by the fireplace. Plants won’t only add greenery to the room but they’ll also help in adding character to your fireplace.

If you’re looking for a homely way to decorate your fireplace, then go for candles. It’s one of the easiest ways to decorate your living room since you can place them on the mantel, the surrounding walls, or even on the floor.

Adding accessories to your fireplace will help you decorate it and improve the look of the room.


To take the absolute pleasure out of your fireplace, you should create a space that reflects both your style and personality. The perfect fireplace for your living room will be functional and beautiful.

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