How Long Does HVAC Installation Take in Miami?

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If you’re planning an AC installation in Miami, make sure to ask a service provider about the process. However, do keep in mind that this process takes time, as they will need to inspect your area, consult you about where to install it, and collaborate with you about the process.

How long does it take?

The duration of the entire installation process depends on what appliance you want to get installed. For example, if you want an AC unit at your place, the installation will take around four to eight hours to complete.

The given timeframe is exclusive for installation. You must also allocate time for the meetings you will have with the service provider before the process. You need to ensure that you have the right AC model and type as well as enough space for installation.

Some projects will take longer, and it all depends on the scope of the project.

Most of the service providers will inform you about this beforehand. As such, it’s best to be transparent when making transactions like this by telling them your budget. At the same time, they have to tell you what they can work on with such an amount.

What to expect from an HVAC installation?

Here are the usual steps you need to follow in order to have an HVAC system installed in your home:

In-home estimate

Before the installation, the service provider will determine the exact size of your HVAC system depending on the size of your home or the room you want to put it in.

The provider will then perform a Manual J load calculation to determine the amount of heat absorbed in the summer and released during the winter. The Manual J Load calculation aims to find the perfect size of the HVAC system that will meet your home’s individual needs.

During the estimate phase, the service provider will take note of the additional work needed to install the system properly. They will also tell you how much the extra tasks will incur. These additional tasks may include line set configuration, ductwork modifications, system placement, and more.

Installation preparation

Typically, an air conditioner will take four to eight hours to get installed depending on the accessibility, weather, and size of the system.

An AC unit consists of two components: the outdoor condenser and the indoor evaporator coil. Therefore, the installers need to access both units on the day of the installation.

Before starting the process, the installers will prepare the work area by laying down drop cloths to protect your flooring. They will also assess the current system to find the best way to remove it. Power is then cut off to the AC unit after the plan has been finalized. Then, the installers get the refrigerants placed inside the AC unit.

Since EPA advised that a refrigerant is hazardous to the environment, contractors have to follow this step when removing an AC unit. After that, they will then remove the old line set of wiring as they get rid of the old outdoor and indoor units.

Proper installation

Once ready to install, the new units are brought out. The installer will prep the area where the unit will be installed by having a gravel bed where the pad will sit. Next, the outdoor unit is slid onto the pad and level. Indoors, the installers attach the evaporator coils to the furnace.

The new line set is then run from the outdoor unit to the unit indoors. A furnace will replace all line sets when they can, which are then connected by brazing them with nitrogen. This will seal the furnace to make it free from any contaminants.

The installers will connect all wires. They will first install a new disconnect for power and then connect all wiring needed for the AC unit so it can communicate with the rest of the HVAC system.

They will release the refrigerant once everything is wired and then pressurize the system. This can last for an hour or two, depending on the size of your system. The installers will work to get within the specifications of the manufacturer.

They will add a line during this time that will set protection to the air conditioner being installed. This will add a layer of protection for elements. It will also help in keeping the system efficient.

Turning on and commissioning

This is done after the system is charged. Everything’s going to be turned on a commissioned system. While this is important, some HVAC contractors, unfortunately, often ignore this.

This ensures that everything works fine, turns on, and is operating. If commissioning is skipped, it may result in potential breakdowns, wasted energy, and lackluster performance.


The installer will clean the area where they worked. They will not leave the place until everything is packed and neat as before. They need to ensure they don’t leave behind any tools that might cause accidents, especially to the residents and/or their pets.

The ball is yours

After installation, you must do your share to ensure the appliance will last. It is crucial that you change the filter regularly. You also have to ask the installer to have your units checked for maintenance once a year.

Final Words

A typical HVAC installation will take half a day to finish, but it depends on many factors, with bigger units often taking a bit longer. It will also depend on the experience and skills of your service provider.

If you’re in need of an HVAC installation service in Miami, don’t hesitate to call a reliable service provider. First, ask for a quote so you can have an idea if you can afford it. After that, schedule a date for the inspection and installation.

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