How to Properly Take Care of Your Home Blinds

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There is a good chance that almost all the windows in your home have some kind of blinds on them. These blinds are great for making your home darker and keeping your home a private space, free from the eyes of people walking by. Blinds also play an important role in keeping your home cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

However, these blinds also need to be properly taken care of to keep them in the best shape possible. Whether you got your outdoor blinds at Blind Guys or have some simple indoor blinds to provide privacy, it is crucial to properly care for and clean your blinds. This article is going to help you do just that.

Before you begin to care for your blinds and keep them in good shape, you need to find the right methods for the material. Blinds can be made of fabric, wood, metal, vinyl, and many other materials. Each will need to be cleaned in different ways not only to get them clean but also to make sure you don’t damage them. For example, there are many cleaning products and methods that are not great for use on wood.

Always know what materials your blinds are, and locate the right products. Using the wrongs one may not clean them well, or can even lead to the blinds deteriorating and looking worse over time.

Frequent Light Cleaning

At least once a month, you should make an effort to clean your blinds. This only needs to be a light cleaning, and doing it frequently can ensure that they never get that bad. For wooden blinds, this means using a gentle duster or a soft cloth to get rid of the dust and other debris.

If you have fabric blinds, you can vacuum them (using the dust brush) and then spot clean any stains with a fabric cleaner and/or water. If your blinds are vinyl or metal like aluminum, dust them off and use a detergent and warm water, and be sure to gently blot dry.

Deep Clean the Blinds

While these frequent lighter cleanings can help the blinds look good, eventually, a deep clean will be needed. If not, stains or other messes might accumulate over time and become harder and harder to get rid of. Deep cleaning for wooden blinds consists of using a wood cleaner such as oil soap to get them looking great. You can also consider adding a wood conditioner to protect the blinds.

Fabric blinds don’t often show dirt and debris as much as others, so the frequent vacuuming and spot cleaning should be enough to keep them looking awesome. You can also consider the dry cleaner if the stains and other imperfections don’t go away.

For your vinyl or metal/aluminum blinds. Deep cleaning often consists of removing the blinds and putting them in the shower or tub and washing them with warm soapy water, and then dry them off fully before hanging them back up.


These deep cleans don’t need to take place every month but should be something you consider adding to your spring cleaning checklist. It can take some time and a bit of effort but will be well worth it to make sure your blinds always look great.


In conclusion, we hope that this article has been able to help you properly care for your blinds and keep them looking great.

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