Want A Speedy Home Construction? Here Are Your 5 Options

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About 1.3 million houses were completed in July 2021 alone, per the US Census Bureau and the US Department of Housing and Urban Development. If you’ve been in the home construction business for a long time, this might not surprise you. New housebuilders may wonder about these figures—how quickly the houses were made.

Technology plays a major role in home construction. Because of technological advancements, building construction has drastically improved. Today, many contractors could erect a structure within a couple of days. Other people could even plan out and construct their homes within 24 hours.

If you want to build your house quickly, you may consider reading this article. This will talk about the options you could choose when you decide to have a speedy home construction. Read on!

  1. Steel Building Kits

Steel or metal building kits have been preferred by most homeowners because of their durability. Steel is known for its tensile strength, and many builders choose steel building kits because it has all the necessary materials for building construction.  

Generally, steel building kits contain primary and secondary frames, trusses, and wall and roof panels. In addition, most steel building kits have detailed construction plans. These typically serve as a guide for builders. If you want to know more about steel building kits, you may go to stores like World Wide Steel Buildings and others to learn more about its types. 

In most cases, veteran home builders modify the designs as they already know the tricks on how to erect the structure quicker and more efficiently. For newbies, the construction details are helpful enough to learn the basics of steel building construction. Some kits also have construction DVDs that further explain the process.

  1. Prefab Concrete Construction 

Just like the metal building kits, precast concrete has a ready-made design that builders follow. In most cases, prefab concrete construction uses slabs of different sizes that are easy to install and disassemble. Aside from the slabs, this process also makes use of concrete panels and sheets.  

Most houses made of prefab concrete have a uniform base design. In addition, they’re also durable and fire-resistant. However, prefab concrete is less flexible compared to other building materials. Because of this, most builders couldn’t modify prefab concrete home designs.

  1. Timber Frame Construction

Prefabrication also made timber frame construction possible. In this type of home construction, builders use pre-cut and pre-designed pieces of wood. Timber frames only differ in their lamination. Some types are glued into each other while others are laminated by nails or dowel.

The biggest advantage of timber frames is their high insulation quality. Because of this, many homeowners use prefab wood in their rooms and attics. Many builders choose timber frames in building a new home because of their flexibility to design. It’s also easy to install. Beginners could finish them within a day. Seasoned builders could re-design them to have better curb appeal and overall appearance. 

  1. Bamboo Materials

Bamboos are preferred by homeowners who want eco-friendly building materials. Aside from this apparent advantage, they’re easy to install. In addition, because they grow quickly and widely, they’re less expensive. They also have high insulation. However, bamboos aren’t as durable as steel and concrete. They’re more likely to collapse when flooded or hit by strong winds. They’re ideal for cottage construction but not for a long-lasting residential house. 

  1. Clay Bricks 

Clay brick is one of the world’s oldest building materials. It’s easy to use in home construction, but specific techniques are required for a builder to have efficient clay house-building. One disadvantage of clay bricks is their poor soundproofing quality. In addition, its excessive use may reduce the availability of fertile topsoil used in farming. Hence, some environmental groups don’t consider clay bricks as an eco-friendly building material. 

In A Nutshell 

In a world where everything’s going quickly, building a house within 24 hours is no longer surprising. Modular construction—the prefabrication of building materials—made this possible. With the diverse ways of quick home construction, many would try to build their houses, even independently.

Most of the needed materials are available on the web. With a few clicks, basic construction skills, and the desire to build a house, people could start building their own homes. You may also browse the web or look for the house trends in the coming months to get an idea for your structure. 

Since you want to try building a new house, you may consider the tips and tricks you’ve got in this article. In choosing the materials, weigh the advantages and disadvantages that define what the building materials could provide.

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