Simple Roll Top Ideas For Your Modern Bathroom

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Bathtubs work in almost all settings, and you can always find a bath that fits into any bathroom, no matter the room size or shape. But no other tub can give your bathroom the grand appeal it would get from a roll-top bath. This post explores simple Roll-top bath ideas that can help you make the most out of your bathroom.

One can almost argue that Roll-top baths were designed for aesthetic rather than function. But you cannot deny that the tub is as comfortable to bathe in as it is beautiful to look at. Fitting this beauty into your bathroom should be easy, but we both know it is never that simple.

How do you blend such a well-designed bathtub into your modern bathroom? How do you make sure the room doesn’t rub out the tub’s beauty or even ensure the tub’s luxurious design doesn’t outshine the other modern features of your bathroom? Of course, there are more modern roll top bath design ideas than you can use in your room, but here are the basics to set you on your way:

Complementary Flooring

The right flooring is the first indication of a modern bathroom. The floor sets the tone for bathroom design and, when applied right, can make any tub seem elegant. 

Since we agree that Roll top baths are the divas of bathtubs, you can be confident that they stand out on any floor design. But your bathroom would look more luxurious when you let the tub and the flooring complement each other. 

Roll-top baths can pair seamlessly with porcelain and vinyl tiles, but the idea of concrete base flooring under a roll-top bath may not seem very modern.  

Using a mix of different flooring styles can be the hallmark of your roll top bath ideas. Using the right proportion of varying flooring designs would help make perfect flooring for your bathtub. A mix of terrazzo and vinyl may be impossible, but your sleek bath would pair nicely with a combination of marble and timber flooring, 

Fitting Tub Design

The sleek design of roll-top baths may work well with every bathroom, but the variations give you a range of options that suit your bathroom in ways others can’t.

Roll-top baths come in various dimensions and styles to suit your design needs. Choosing a variation of this Freestanding bath requires an even consideration of your preferred style and what your bathroom can accommodate. This will lead to questions of the room dimensions, tub design, and how they fit into each other.

The bath should not only fit into the bathroom, but it should leave enough room for other basic bathroom fixtures and complementary accessories.

Color Scheme

Despite having magnificent structures, the color of the roll-top bath is an essential part of its elegance. The color on these baths supports their sleek designs, and it must be considered in your modern bathroom.

Pair your bath with colors that bring out its unique designs. Try colors that make your bath stand out without blotting out the rest of the room. Of course, you can always customize your bathtub into colors that sit well with your bathroom palette.

Most modern bathrooms use wallpapers instead of wall paints, while others draw their color and design inspirations from natural elements like the ocean hue or forest-themed designs.

Keep It Simple

Bathroom design is only as good as the homeowner’s style. The best ideas will always be subject to how well you can apply and manage them in your bathroom. Make the most of your bathroom by letting it reflect your most exquisite style in simple expressions.

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