What is The Best Glass for Office Tabletops?

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Whenever thinking of renovating or remodeling an office, the very first thing that comes into your mind is to décor or replace tables and chairs. You must be aware of the excessive use of tables and chairs, as you have to sit on your chairs throughout the working hours and need to organize your table as well as keep it clean. When your surroundings are comfortable you are able to focus more.

Well, we need tables all around the office, on receptions, at lunch corners, or at your workspace. That’s why tables should be highly constructed with good material. We prefer to go for custom glass table tops as they have a lot of plus points. For chairs, they should be comfortable and when it comes to tables, you must make the right choice, as it affects a lot.

Various types of table tops

When it comes to tables, you have a bundle of options. You can either go for glass, wood, or concrete. That’s totally up to you which one you prefer for your office. Keeping in mind some necessary things related to tables, you should make a wise choice.

  • Ceramic table tops with a huge variety of designs

Table Top 1


There are a variety of materials used for tabletops, you just have to pick one that better suits your entire theme. Ceramic table tops are quite heavy and strong enough, but they can be a little costly, that’s why most people prefer not to choose them for their office use.

  • Go for wooden table tops for a classy touch

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Wooden tabletops are quite classy if you use them for your office. They have a lot of plus points as well as some cons, such as they can’t be easily cleaned as compared to glass tabletops. Wooden tabletops are pretty difficult to wipe off the coffee or tea stains. Although they add beauty and elegance to your workspace; however, for such excessive use, people prefer glass tabletops.

  • Forever recommended glass table tops

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That’s the most common type of table tops for office use. Glass tabletops are compatible with modern offices and even add more brightness, by reflecting natural light. For receptions, lunch corners, and conference rooms, these glass table tops are the best option. In the glass category, you can find a number of options for tabletops, but we recommend choosing tempered glass as it’s more durable.

  • Marble table tops- for heavy furniture theme

Table Top 4


Do you like marble tables? Well, you can also go for these tables for office use but they can be quite bulky. A marble is a pure stone that’s why it requires a lot of effort to move from one place to another.

Why choose glass table tops?

As we have discussed that there are a lot of options for tabletops, you can choose any one from them, as per your entire theme of an office. However, for offices, you have to purchase many tables, not just a single one. So, make a wise choice and go for affordable tabletops that are durable, too.

If you ask us, we recommend picking up a glass tabletop because it has a lot of plus points. For instance, it adds more brightness, more beauty, and is even compatible with easy cleaning. You might be thinking, which glass you should choose for the tabletop, well the answer is here.

Tempered glass table top- for durability

Table Top 5

Well, there are thousands of reasons to choose tempered glass table tops instead of clear, tinted, or any other glass. They are also good but for such spaces, where you have to interact with tables on a daily basis you should choose the one which is best in every aspect.

The tempered glass tabletop is a perfect choice for office use because it is the hardest glass ever. That’s quite difficult to break and even if it breaks down, it falls into smaller pieces and less sharp ones. That’s highly scratch-resistant and considered to be more durable than the other glass types. It’s smooth and polished surface serves for easy clean-ups and makes it more durable. You don’t have to spend again and again on repairing these tabletops, for sure.

With tempered glass tabletops, you will have a lot of options to decorate your office tables. Either it’s a reception table or dining table, you can easily go with this strong tempered glass tabletop. You can find the best quality tempered glass for tabletops here.

Glass tabletops vs wooden table tops

Table Top 6

If we compare wooden table tops and glass tabletops, there are some things which you should know before selecting suitable table tops for your office. You can choose any tabletop, it’s totally up to you but must go through these differences.

If you consider cleanliness purposes, we recommend choosing a glass tabletop as its smooth and clear surface allows more rapid clean-ups rather than wooden table tops. During your working hours, you need to have some coffee or tea so that you can stay active and focus on your tasks easily. However, these coffee or tea mugs leave stains behind, which are so difficult to clean up from wooden tables. Also, these stains don’t look nice.

In offices, you need a comfortable environment so that you can work easily. For this purpose, glass table tops help a lot because it reflects back the natural light and adds more brightness to your cabins.

Summing Up!
Everyone is free to make their own choices, but we are here just to provide guidelines for your convenience. If you are going to set up a new office or want to replace furniture, you must go through these beneficial suggestions. For table tops, we have provided a detailed guideline on the type of glass you should choose for your office tabletops. It’s none other than tempered glass because it serves the best quality with a lot of benefits.

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