Here’s How Easily You Can Incorporate The Italian Flair To Your Home

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Did you know Italy is home to many architectural gems? There is classical Roman, Renaissance, Baroque and Neoclassical. 

With the biggest fashion houses all emerging from Italy, it won’t be wrong to call Italy the leader in design. 

If you have ever been to Italy, you may have been in awe of the coliseum or the Valle d’Aosta Fort Bard. However, you do not have to visit the country to know how beautiful the elements and the decor theme are. 

If there were three words by which we could describe Italian design, it would be timeless, stunning, and luxurious. The design elements have a mix of tones and textures that display the above three qualities in perfection. 

There is also a choice for everybody: you can go for an old-world charm or a minimalist modern Italian look.

However, you’ll need some tips and tricks up your sleeve to achieve stunning results because, while taking inspiration from Pinterest may seem simple, properly combining the right shade and texture is not.

In today’s blog, we’ll look at how to incorporate Italian decor in simple, do-it-yourself ways.

Maintain A Neutral Colour Scheme

When you first hear the word neutral, you may think “that’s boring.” 

However, you might be surprised to learn that neutral colors like “Greige” can be a luxurious addition to your home. 

You can experiment with pops of color in other aspects of your home. If Greige isn’t your style, you can opt for tones like deep wine or cream, which will help you almost create an Italian oasis. 


We know Italians for their love of chandeliers. 

You can choose a simple modern Italian-inspired lighting piece to add interest to the space, but if your budget allows it, nothing beats a stunning crystal chandelier. 

Choose a distressed wood or iron chandelier to help tie the room together if you’re going for a more rustic Italian look.


You’ve probably heard about the luxury of Italian leather; it’s stylish, top quality, and while it can be pricey, it’s well worth it. 

An oversized sofa, perhaps in a caramelized cream tone, is the best way to incorporate a modern Italian look into your home.

Wood finishes in dark, rich colors like burned red and mocha can also achieve a rustic Italian finish.

If you’re looking for the perfect Italian furniture, look no further than Anima Domus, where you’ll find stunning pieces that are of pure perfection.

Open Areas 

If you look at Italian interior designs, you’ll notice that they have one thing in common: they love open spaces. 

If the space you currently live in is limited, open up the kitchen dining area and ensure plenty of light coming in. 

Avoid overcrowding your space with unnecessary furniture. The idea is that your room should be able to breathe.

Elements of Decor 

You don’t have to buy a large antique Italian urn to add a touch of Italy to your home. You can do that by adding small Italian elements to your decor. 

Try using beautiful, natural Italian table runners, small carved decor pieces, and some souvenirs from your trips to see how the space comes alive with Italian flair.


Have fun with your decorating! The above pointers will help you get started on transforming your home into an Italian beauty haven. However, when thinking of Italian decor, remember that it embodies an effortless style, so don’t stress and stick with what you like.

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