Give Your Kitchen Farmhouse Style Touches with These Easy Tips

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It’s no secret that farmhouse style is one of the hottest design trends right now. Designers and homeowners alike love all the natural, rustic touches that give a room an earthy feel. Do you love the idea of a farmhouse kitchen but want to give it your special flair? You’re not alone. Many homeowners adore this style and want to add their touch but don’t know how or where to start. Don’t worry! We have some easy tips that will allow you to make changes without breaking the bank. Read on for more information about what is possible and how best to go about it all!

Reclaimed Wood

Use reclaimed wood in your kitchen for a rustic look. This can be used as shelving, countertops, and even floors (or area rugs to cover the floors) to create the feel of an old farmhouse with new materials. There are many places you can find this type of material, like scrap yards or antique stores, so keep your eyes peeled! Be sure to have any reclaimed wood sealed and well-protected to prevent it from rotting.

New Lights

If you are looking for a quick fix, consider new lighting solutions as this can have an instant farmhouse style impact on any room. Check out your local hardware store or online retailer for easy access to chandeliers, ceiling lights with exposed bulbs, and other lamps that will give your space a farmhouse vibe. You can also add an old-fashioned style light to space by hanging a vintage bulb with wire or using string lights in your kitchen.

Wooden Floor

Wooden floor or hardwood tiles are a great way to bring a farmhouse feel into your kitchen. This is even truer if you have antique or reclaimed wood in the room already. If not, consider adding them, as this will instantly give it an old-world charm and style that sets a mood for relaxed meals with family and friends. If you don’t want wood on the floors, choose wooden texture tiles.

Vintage Pieces

If you are looking for a farmhouse vibe in your kitchen, then look for vintage pieces to include. Add a few retro chairs and stools. Get an antique table or try adding some salvaged wood planks from the side of your house that have been sitting in the garage for years. You don’t need much, just enough to give it a farmhouse feel and make you smile when you think of the memories you have created there.

Rustic Interior All Over

If you want a rustic interior all over, then start with the kitchen. You can get distressed white cabinets and add hardware to match your porch or stairwell. Add some vintage-style metal fixtures like pendant lamps that offer plenty of light in the kitchen. Choose wooden texture wallpapers and accent them with framed metal prints of your favorite foods.

Wooden Breakfast Table

Wooden breakfast tables are perfect for adding a rustic feel to your kitchen. They are easy to clean, add that homey feeling, and can be used for so many purposes: eating breakfast, doing homework, or just chatting with friends. You could also use them as an outdoor dining table in the warmer months of the year when you have the time to enjoy your garden!

Kitchen Aisle

Replace the old aisle with wooden floorings like bamboo or walnut to give your kitchen farmhouse style. You can also use a rug that has the same texture and color as your floor for an extra touch of detail. Design a farmhouse awning to make your kitchen more inviting. Replace doors with wooden ones and leave some open for ventilation in the warmer days of the year.

A touch of color

Add pops of bright colors to your farmhouse-style kitchen by painting walls in off-white or light yellow tones, adding colorful flower pots on window seats, and using colorful plates or serving bowls. Use bright colors to add a fun and inviting touch to your farmhouse kitchen!

Rugs on the Floor

To give your kitchen an even greater farmhouse feel, add a rug to the floor. Rugs in wooden shades like blue or green bring out the wood tones of cabinets and floors while adding that touch of warmth from underfoot. Runner rugs are a great option for kitchens with a lot of corners and crannies.

A Little Decorating Goes a Long Way

Add some extra touches to make your farmhouse kitchen complete! Decorating your home with signs, rustic bowls, jars, or even some fresh flowers will give your kitchen a homey feel. Sheepskin or antique flour sifters and scales, vintage kitchen utensils, or baskets hung from the ceiling above your stove will take things up a notch.

Decorate Your Walls with Wallpaper

Wallpaper is one of those decorating tricks that can be very tricky to get right. However, when it comes to farmhouse kitchens with exposed brick walls or cement block walls, the right wallpaper can be an effective way to bring some color and pattern into your kitchen.

Paint Your Ceiling White

You may not think of painting ceilings white, but this is especially important in farmhouse kitchens where exposed beams or rafters make it seem like you’re always looking up! Painting your ceiling with a fresh coat of paint will help pull your eyes down, and the color can also bring a little more light into your kitchen.

Strip Your Kitchen Cabinets

Another trick for making those exposed beams or rafters seem less imposing is by stripping them! Getting rid of any distressing on these cabinets will make it so that you don’t see every single detail.

Paint Your Kitchen Cabinets White

If your kitchen needs a major makeover, first try painting the cabinets white to see if this is enough of an update for now! A fresh coat of paint will give your space a new look and feel without having to spend hours sanding down old layers or starting from scratch.

Sheepskin for the Stools

Are you trying to find a way to add some warmth to your kitchen? Cover the stools with sheepskin to make them more comfortable! You can also use sheepskin to make a rug in the center of your kitchen or cover an old table with it.

On a Final Note

It’s time for some farmhouse-style touches to your kitchen. You create a cozy and welcoming space in your home with minimal work with the above tips. And also, you can find rugs and runners at RugKnots to give your flooring an updated look as well! Find what works best for you by reading our blog post on how to get more from your kitchen today.

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