11 Modern Fence Ideas for a Beautiful High-End Look

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Are you in the market for a new fence? Are you tired of boring white picket fence designs?

Today’s fences offer so much more than bland posts and backer rails.

In fact, contemporary fences can be made from many types of material, and make any sort of statement you wish about your home’s unique personality and aesthetic.

Here are some of our favorite modern fence ideas.

Finding Your Modern Fence

The right fence style for you will depend a lot on your unique space. Do you need to block the wind, create privacy, or secure your pool? Are you creating a barrier or just a decoration?

If you are looking for maximum privacy, you will want a fence with little space between the boards. Modern horizontal fences can easily create this look for you, as can traditional picket fences. If you are looking primarily for decoration, a wide lattice fence can create an elegant look while allowing your neighbors to peer into a finely landscaped yard.

If you are looking to shield your yard from the wind or make it more secure, modern concrete posts can give you the insulation you need.

Those on a budget may want to look at less expensive materials such as vinyl and treated pine. If money is no object and you want maximum effectiveness and shelter, consider materials like natural stone and wrought iron.

You will also want to consider the style of your home. A chain-linked fence, for example, would not look right surrounding a gingerbread mansion.

More modern and contemporary homes are best suited to modern fence designs. There are, however, a number of modern options that will work with every home style.

  1. Pallet Fence

The pallet fence is a classic, slated look that is easy to install. In fact, natural pine wood or new wood can easily be finished to create a modern look. Unfinished wood can work as well.

Pallet fences can add to the minimal, edgy look of urban homes with a little greenery. This can increase your privacy without blocking the sunlight.

  1. Bamboo or Ratan

Get a cool tropical island vibe in your backyard with bamboo, especially if you have a pool or hot tub and plan on entertaining in the warmer months.

The material is generally strong, practical, and cost-effective. It does well in colder environments and can withstand snow.

  1. Brick Wall

Bring a cool European pub feeling to your yard with a stained brick wall in a lighter color that will keep your home feeling private but welcoming.

You can bring greenery in with modern planters and shrubs.

  1. Shrubs

Modern shrubs or greenery can create an excellent natural fence on your property. You can get creative with landscaping in heights and colors that complement one another.

Tall hedges make a beautiful natural backdrop for outdoor living spaces. If you have an outdoor chair and sofa, you can relax and unwind with nature providing your privacy.

  1. Black Horizontal Slats

Sleek black horizontal slats set off by white concrete pillars create a clean, modern look that is easy to maintain. Your home will look modern, regal, and comfortable.

  1. Wood Horizontal Slats

Rotating verticle pickets by ninety degrees can give you a fresh new look and does not rely on the traditional support posts and rails. It lends itself to more custom designs with clean, crisp lines and subtle detail.

With a little landscaping, cedar or pine slats can create a great backdrop for your pool or patio.

  1. Gabion Wall

A gabion wall is a retaining wire that’s filled with stones. Gabion walls can get used as retaining walls, decorative site walls, and accent walls. They can stand out against wood horizontal slats in a deep stain for a striking effect.

Large cobblestones or local stones can complement your landscape. It is sturdy and stunning.

Gabion walls are economical and require little to no maintenance. They are easy-to-install and long-lasting.

  1. Solid Geometric Concrete

High concrete fences are used for both safety and beauty. The concrete is usually smooth and gray, with geometric caps and lines for interest. Steel slabs allow air and light to pass through.

You will probably need some professional assistance to install concrete panels.

  1. Vinyl Fences

Vinyl fences provide a modern look and low fence installation cost. They require minimal maintenance and can get easily cleaned with a hose. It retains color wonderfully.

Vinyl is also stronger than wood. You can count on it not to stain or peel if installed around a pool. Vinyl can offer complete privacy in a variety of colors and styles.

  1. Lattice Panels

Lattice creates an elegant decorative element. They typically have a wide top and bottom rails for stability. Many also feature decorative posts and caps.

Lattice fences may get constructed from cedar, pressure-treated pine, or natural whitewood.

  1. Semiprivate

Some modern looks are created from alternate pickets with different widths. Each type of picket is set in a row, with a gap between the two rows. The result is some parts of the fence having more privacy than others.

The stylized look is finished off with horizontal rails, creating a unique and personalized look.


Modern Fence Ideas

The best modern fence ideas for your landscape will compliment your landscaping and make guests feel welcome and safe. Horizontal designs, stone, and lattice are all new ways to make traditional backyard scapes look more fresh and elegant.

For more architectural ideas, contact us today.

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