6 Real Estate Marketing Trends Turning Heads in 2021

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When the coronavirus pandemic first hit the United States last year, the economy went cold. However, though many market sectors have a long road to recovery, the real estate market is still hot. In 2021, experts predict a continuation of 2020’s robust housing market with increased demand. As a real estate agent, you want to make sure your marketing strategies are sharp enough to keep up with this housing market’s lightning-fast speed. From social media advertisements to single property websites, read on for six marketing trends that will continue to define the real estate scene well into 2021.

Single Property Websites

If you’ve ever felt that other properties on an MLS stole the sparkle away from one of your favorite listings, a single property website might be the right pick for you. Single property websites only showcase one listing, allowing potential buyers to zero in on your property without the added distraction of several hundred other homes for sale. Try this marketing strategy the next time you want to create the virtual equivalent of an exclusive open house – cocktails and hors d’oeuvres not included.

Social Media Marketing

In a world where many adults are working away from the office, it makes sense that most will begin their real estate search from the comfort of their own homes. In 2021, even real estate professionals who haven’t previously relied on digital marketing should step-up their social media presence and showcase their properties on platforms such as Instagram or Linkedin. After all, with much of the population housebound, many are spending more time on social media – time that you could potentially spend eyeing your dream listing with those killer mountain views.

Virtual Tours

This past year might have been the first time you hosted a virtual open house, but it certainly won’t be the last. Technology tools made popular by the pandemic –think online walk-throughs and 3D mapping— aren’t going anywhere even as coronavirus cases decline worldwide. Real estate agents can expect to continue using digital applications such as FaceTime or Zoom to showcase homes virtually long after the pandemic is over.

Content Marketing

In 2021, real estate agents need to do more than sell houses to keep their clients engaged. Creating valuable content in the form of informative blog posts or engaging videos can improve your website rank on Google, driving more viewers to your webpage. In no time, clicks on your blog posts will undoubtedly lead to clients interested in your property listings.

A New Neighborhood Overview

During the pandemic, it became difficult to see a property in person, much less take a tour of a potential new neighborhood. Aerial drones offered a solution to this problem, allowing real estate agents to quickly share a video overview of a neighborhood with a prospective buyer. Even as the pandemic, which prompted this sales tactic wanes, aerial drone footage will still be an excellent tool for sharing community features quickly and efficiently.

Email Marketing

This past year brought fast-paced changes, both in terms of pandemic regulations and the real estate market as a whole. Email newsletters can be an easy way to consistently update your clients in a world where cities have opened and closed in a matter of weeks. Additionally, email marketing can help your buyers stay on top of a market where homes continue to sell at record-setting speeds.

Final Thoughts

As last year’s real estate boom carries over into this year’s home sales, various marketing strategies can help keep clients engaged in this fast-paced climate. Using digital tools such as single property websites, virtual tours, and email marketing, you can help keep your clients on top of this year’s hot housing market.

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