6 Architecture Trends That Will Dominate 2021

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We have finally made it to 2021 and left the memories of 2020 behind. After spending long days and nights at our homes, we have understood the importance of creating spaces that reflect our personality. Your home is a personal sanctuary and you can do it up just the way you like it. The new year will bring about significant changes and new trends in design. It will be more ecological, global, and inclusive. There will be a lot of natural materials, open spaces, and decor that encourages relaxation.

The one thing that remains common in 2020 and 2021 is the commitment towards sustainable architecture and sustainable development. We are slowly evolving to environmental commitment and the architecture trends reflect the same. There will be the usage of recyclable materials, self-sufficient buildings, and installations that respect the planet will become more common. Let us take a look at some of the features that will shape architecture in 2021.

  1. Luminous spaces

There will be an appreciation for luminosity by architects, property owners, and interior designers. Renovation projects as well as new construction will give more relevance to windows and will increase their size to let more light in the home. As we spent more time at home, we have understood the importance of sunlight for our health and body. This will lead the change in 2021 architecture trends. We will see blinds and shades that serve the purpose. There will be a lot of improvement in insulation, in terms of size and quality as well as the cladding on buildings and homes. There will be the use of prime material to insulate from the cold and heat. We will also see a lot of applications of natural stone for this purpose.

  1. Open spaces

Open spaces have become prominent in many homes and offices. In this concept, there will be a better fluidity in spaces which will help make the best use of them. Even in offices, there will be an improvement in communication and better interaction in the teams. We will see maximization of light in spaces and an improvement in the integration in rooms inside the home. These open spaces will become multi-functional and will allow optimal usage. You can transform the open space into a play area for children or a reading nook for yourself. The open spaces will be very important in the coming years.

  1. Large kitchen size

Most of us have spent a lot of time cooking and baking during 2020 and it is a clear sign that we need larger kitchens. 2021 will be just that. The kitchen will become the heart of the entire space and will be larger in the coming years. It has become common to see kitchens that seem like an island where the materials and decor have been chosen with a lot of thought. There will be a lot more space and light in the kitchen. Even if the room space is slightly reduced, the trends show that it will go to kitchen space. Kitchens are going to become grand and one that will dominate the theme of the home.

  1. Bathrooms will have a greater presence

 The bathroom will become a relaxing and comfortable space with new color trends like beige, grey, and pastels. There will be an entry of natural materials in the bathroom. You will see accessories in different woods in addition to worktops made of natural stone. The decor will transform the space and will combine design with practicality. The bathrooms will have round mirrors and soft lighting to convert the space into a relaxing one. There will be originality in elements like toilets and washbasins that will lead the trend.

  1. The floors and walls will be carefully chosen

There will be diversity in flooring and walls. We will notice color diversity, variety in texture, and ceramics that look like wood, natural stone, and polished cement. These natural materials will continue to rule the architecture trends in the coming years. It is energetically sustainable and will help achieve the right atmosphere in the home.

  1. Green invasion

Indoor plants have become the best part of 2020 and they will continue to be a part of our homes in 2021. We have seen several indoor plants adorning the window sills and dominating the living rooms. They are an affordable option of transforming your personal space in no time. 2021 will see a lot more plants becoming a part of our homes. There will also be green facades and green rooftops.

These six trends will transform the way we redecorate our homes and offices. Whether we spend 2021 indoors or get back to the routine, these trends will dominate the industry and will be an integral part of new constructions.

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