High-Tech Skyscraper Design In Action

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Technology is a part of nearly everything we do nowadays.  Just 20 years ago, high-tech meant that something small with a smart microchip could do a lot of cool things. 

Now, technology seeps from every part of our world, and skyscraper design has some of the most interesting pieces of tech at work.  Check out a brief look at some of the most high-tech skyscraper designs in the world, and feast your eyes upon some unbelievable technology in action.  

Infinity Tower, South Korea

The Infinity Tower is posed to be one of the most innovative designs ever built.  This skyscraper will have superpowers!  The coolest technology placed in action by this mega build is the ability to become nearly invisible in the skyline.  

The building is fitted with the ability to scan the surrounding scenery and project the images on the face of the structure via windows that serve as video screens.  Most huge buildings are built to be seen, but not the Infinity Tower.  

Bahrain World Trade Center

The Bahrain World Trade Center was built with mother nature in mind.  This building supports the use of renewable energy, as it has three wind turbines built into the design.  

This gorgeous display of technology at work in architecture also sports solar power.  Through the use of photovoltaic windows, the building can support its energy needs by harvesting the rays of the sun.  

Taipei 101, Taiwan  

When Taipei 101 was built in Taiwan, it was built to withstand the challenges of the area.  The locals are used to the place being battered by storms and typhoons, and Taipei 101 was built with this in mind.  

The building was built equipped with a highly advanced counterbalance system to guard against the swaying effect of high powered winds.  There is a huge internal pendulum system within the building that keeps the people inside safe from a life of motion sickness and fear.  

The Edge, Amsterdam  

One of the world’s most environmentally friendly buildings, The Edge in Amsterdam has already gathered several awards for its innovative design.  The building is built to save energy.  

Lights only come on when they are needed.  The building is designed to use the warmth of the sun for heating the inside, and individuals working in the building have use of a hot-desk system.  

The hot-desk system is fixed to only provide energy to the desks that are currently in use, and the system caters the environment around that desk to the needs of the person working through a simple mobile app.  

Shanghai Tower, China 

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The Shanghai Tower stands tall as the second tallest building in the world, and it needed an elevator that could transport people from top to bottom before the work day is through.  

The Tower elevator is a specially designed capsule with anti-vibration technology that can move occupants from top to bottom at speeds of just over 42 miles per hour.

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