5 Useful Tips for Designing Your Garage

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The garage is a useful addition to your home as it provides a parking space for your vehicle. More importantly, because the garage can be shut and locked it will keep your car safer. As an added bonus, your garage will increase the desirability and value of your home.

In fact, building a garage can allow you to free space on your driveway, giving you the opportunity to earn an extra income by renting your parking space. After all, parking Sydney is expensive and difficult to find.
Before you start building it’s important to design your garage, the following 5 tips will help to ensure you get it right.

Size Matters!

Vehicles are generally getting bigger which means that the standard garage size may not be big enough to take your car and allow you to get in and out easily. Consider the size of vehicles that you’re likely to purchase and design your garage accordingly.

You need to allow enough room to get in and out of the vehicle as well as moving around it. If in doubt, go larger than you think is necessary, you can’t have too much space in your garage!

Fit an Electric Door

If you want to use your garage on a regular basis then you need to be able to effortlessly drive in and out of it. This is much easier if you have an electric garage door fitted as part of your garage. You’ll be able to open it effortlessly as you approach without getting wet or windswept.

Face Away from The Street

Most people design garages that face the street, it makes sense to be able to drive straight in. However, if you have the space it’s a better idea to face the garage away from the street. You can drive to the side or even the rear of your home before driving in. This reduces the exposure, you don’t want everyone knowing what you keep in your garage.

It will also make it harder for someone to break into your home through the garage.

Consider the House Connection

Your garage should ideally connect to your home, allowing you to get to your vehicle in all weathers. However, the entrance you make between the garage and the house will become your main entrance in and out of your home.

Consider this when designing your garage, it will help to ensure the entrance is practical and looks good.

Additional Space Above?

Finally, adding a garage to your home is a great opportunity to add a little extra space to your house. Instead of building a single storey garage, add a two-storey building that gives you additional space above it. Whether you need a new bedroom or a writing studio, you’ll find it a useful addition to your home. It certainly won’t harm the value of your property.

In fact, you can even make it a room for rent and recoup some of the cost of building your garage!

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