Choosing the Perfect Lounge Chairs for Your Home

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The living room, or lounge, is one place in your home where you, and any guests you have, can feel comfortable and relaxed. It is often the room that, along with the kitchen, is used to entertain, to congregate at the end of a day of school, work, and other daily pursuits, so you can share experiences and learn about each other’s days.

Like many of the functional rooms in your home, the furniture you use can make all the difference to the kind of ambiance it establishes. Aside from your sofas, armchairs and other similar single-seater chairs are an important way to ensure there is enough places for people to park up and rest when visiting.

If you have looked at the variety of armchairs and other lounge chairs there are out there now, you may find it intimidating trying to start from a page of 1000s to find that one piece of furniture that will suit you and your home best. don’t despair though, or make any rash decisions, because we are here to help with a handy guide outlining some tips you should bear in mind when picking the perfect lounge chairs for your home.

Focus First on the Size

Size is an important aspect of any furniture, and it is crucial to choose the right dimensions not just for your lounge, but in relation to the other furniture in there. The last thing you want is for the lounge chairs you choose to feel to small next to your sofas. You also need to think about walking and moving space. So, when you are measuring up for furniture, also count that in too.

Find the Style That Works Best

Once you have a size in mind for lounge chairs, you next need to consider the style. It’s often best to be led by the style of the other furniture you already have in your lounge. Although you may want to have a statement piece, you need to be sure that it is not going to distract too much from everything else and complement your sofa and furniture, rather than just looking odd.

When choosing the style, think also about the type of ambiance and atmosphere you want to establish in your lounge. If it is more of an occasional and formal room, you will probably be better choosing upright back chairs or even upholstered wingback chairs. Whereas if it is a more regularly used room and more informal, consider recliners or similar styles of chairs.

Look at the real Eames chairs and loungers as designed by Charles and Ray Eames that are available right now. There are a lot of rockers and interesting stools that although they may not fit the brief of what your traditional view as being a chair, are still cool and will provide excellent seating options.

Think About the Material

So size, check, style, check. Next, you need to give some serious thought to the material of the chairs you choose. As well as taking in the points we’ve already covered about the fitting in with the rest of the furniture and existing décor and color scheme of your lounge, you also need to think about their durability. If the chairs in your lounge are likely to be sat on and used frequently, particularly by smaller children, you will want to invest in chairs made from high quality and durable materials such as leather.

The problem with leather is that it can give a very formal look and feel. If you want something colorful and casual, you may want to opt for upholstered chairs with patterned fabric.

A more modern material to consider, particularly if you have small children and pets of any kind that moult, you should look at investing in microfiber chairs. Microfiber is very easy to keep clean and maintain, but also looks great too, as you can now get it in a wide range of patterns and colors.

The chairs in your lounge are obviously an important feature of that room. With the help of our guide, you should find that it is easier to navigate through the very busy marketplace of chairs and seated furniture.

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