Helpful Tips to Get Your Start in Building a Successful Architecture Firm

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The field of architecture is not one of those saturated markets that will deem it nearly impossible to reach the level of success you desire. To be an architect is indeed a rare gift that not too many people possess… Having such a rare gift also translates into dollar signs as well.

But, starting your own architecture firm isn’t something you can just jump into, regardless of how talented you are with your hands or how fast your brain can solve difficult measurement equations. Architecture isn’t just about building or creating things… There’s a whole business side to it that can eat you alive if you don’t get yourself well-versed in it.

If you have the knowledge and skills to create and build buildings, take a moment to dive deeper into the business side of architecture to have the best of both worlds in architecture.

Helpful Tips to Run a Successful Architecture Firm

Find Your Architectural Niche

In your studies of architecture and personal projects you’ve taken on, what types of projects do you enjoy doing the most? Is it residential or commercial? It’s important that you establish what you like to do most so that you can deem that as your niche and market your firm as specializing in that. If you don’t, people will think that you do a little bit of everything.

There’s nothing wrong with being looked at as a “jack of all trades” so to speak, but it can sometimes do more harm than good. When it comes to architectural projects, especially very specific ones, clients want to hire a firm that’s an expert in their area of needs. So if you specialize in building eccentric buildings, you’re going to appeal to a specific demographic of industries that specifically want your work and services.

You’ll need to determine your niche and then conduct market research to see which types of projects are in the most demand for your area. In addition to that, you’ll want to start collecting demographic information to see which types of clients are most prominent in your area. Collecting this data will help you determine the best niche for you to specialize in.

Be Prepared to “Wear All the Hats”

Just like most entrepreneurs have to do everything in the beginning stages of their business, you will too. You’ll be the one in charge of inventory, accounting, marketing, and sales! But that doesn’t mean it has to be a nightmare, either.

JD Edwards Software is a fully-integrated program that gives business owners full and complete control over business operations with complete data accuracy, making record keeping and ease of access a total breeze. Everything from prioritizing your upcoming projects to managing costs of materials, your architecture firm will run like a well-oiled machine with or without a full staff!

Brush Up on Public Speaking and Presentation Skills

This is your firm, and at least in the very beginning, you’re the face of your firm. So that means in order to get clients, whether residential or commercial, you’re going to have to not only show previously completed projects but also speak on those projects as well as your skills, education, and why people should hire your firm.

With public speaking and presentations, according to, knowing your speaking points and being able to motivate while speaking are some essential skills you’ll need in order to build flawless proposals.

Just as you would start and run a successful furniture store, the same skills, thought processes, and business knowledge is all necessary for success.

With any endeavor you take on, be sure you take the time to not only hone in on your craft but also dive deeper into the business side of it to be a well-rounded business owner who has the skills and business smarts to reach the level of success you’re striving for.

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