Flower Decor Ideas for Each Room

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Flowers are the perfect addition to the home. They can freshen up a bathroom, offer elegance to the kitchen, and brighten up a dull living room or bedroom. While fresh flowers are always a good choice, quality faux flowers can add to the space for years to come. Let’s look at some classic ways you can improve your living space with flowers.

Real vs. Artificial Flowers

Before picking how you’re going to present your flowers, you need to choose the type of flowers you’ll use in your decor. 

Real Flowers

Real flowers add a touch of sophistication, smell better, and bring life and warmth to the space. You can easily change them seasonally or as often as you like. There’s been a big uplift in companies like Bouqs flowers, offering flowers delivered right to your door the next day, weekly, or as often as you need. Subscription flower services can be cost-effective. Just be careful with some flower types because they could be poisonous to pets.

Artificial Flowers

While artificial flowers have the benefit of never dying, finding quality faux flowers will cost you more than natural flora. They are a low-maintenance option that only requires dusting every few weeks, and many decor ideas only suit fake flowers (installations without a base for water). Unfortunately, many artificial flowers end up looking cheap or tacky.

Hallways and Entryways

An excellent first impression can’t ever be understanded. The hallways or entryway is one of the most effective places for a flower arrangement, especially one with tall stems placed in a vase. Most of us have a small table near the entrance or the staircase for bills, books, and keys. Add a potted plant mixed with green and purple hydrangeas, dahlias, and roses to open up the space and to offer an elegant look inside the home.

Dining Room

Dining rooms usually have long statement tables that aren’t used often unless it’s for family gatherings. Whether the dining room is used daily or monthly, the table is the perfect place for your finest lot of flowers. For a rectangular table, place a runner lengthwise and add odd-numbered vases of bouquets. For circular tables, create an open bowl of flower buds and blooms without stems for a charming accent piece.


To really wake up and smell the roses – add them to your bedside table! Your bedroom is the last place you’ll find yourself at night and the first place you’ll wake up in the morning, so creating a stylish and welcoming atmosphere can do wonders for your mental health. Just avoid large arrangements because you won’t have room for your phone, books, or table lamp. Flowers should be short stemmed with large bulbs, like posies, and situated in a round vase.

Living Room

Your options are endless in the living room. Flowers are always welcome in your favorite sitting space because they add a dash of playful spirit, coziness, smell, and color. Add a green, low-maintenance plant like a succulent to a display surrounded by low-height flowers like Pholox Subulata in the center of the table. Even placing some pink tulips on a shelf or next to the mantlepiece will make a more inviting space.


When decorating the bathroom with flora, a low maintenance, low light variety is best. An example is azaleas because they thrive in high humidity areas (keep taking those hot showers) and don’t need too much light while still producing a beautiful pink bloom. If you have natural light in your bathroom, place your flowers as close to it as possible. You may need to put your plant in a basket and hang it from a ceiling, but a vase on the counter works best.

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