3 Virginia Home Trends You Need To Know About

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Are you looking to make your home a little more contemporary and trendy? Virginia is known for its classic homes that show off America’s history. But this doesn’t mean your home has to be dated.

An update can make your home feel fresh while still keeping the integrity and history. Enjoy the comforts you love about homes with some updated taste. These are some Virginia home trends you should try out.


Marble is currently having a moment. A feature in older homes, this material hasn’t gone out of style. Marble is classic and opulent and loved by many, which this the perfect material for a contemporary home.

In an entryway, marble flooring will make a great first impression. For a bold and contemporary look, try larger tiles over smaller ones. Graining is also a stunning feature of marble.

High contrast grains on black or white tiles can make a statement. While marble with little or no graining can be an understated chic design element. Incorporating marble is a great way to play into Virginia home trends.


Velvet is beginning to make a comeback to homes. Whether in furniture or smaller design elements. This material adds texture and chicness to a home.

You can make a bold statement with a velvet sofa for your living room. Mix classic designs and with bold contemporary colors for some visual interest. Or go sleek in a neutral to be the base design element of your living space.

Add smaller elements of velvet to an already established living room with pillows, floor cushions, and poufs. Mix and match colors and sizes to create a comfortable living room for entertaining friends or hanging out with the family.


Navy has become a new neutral. Black and white will always be classics and a great base to start. But navy blue allows you to add some color without being overwhelming.

As a universally liked color, navy can be put anywhere in the house. But what’s really trending is navy in the kitchen. It’s a timeless color that adds a feeling of luxury, style, and elegance with ease.

Incorporate navy by painting your cabinetry this color favored by interior designers and your real estate agent. Accent cabinetry with gold or white hardware.

You can also use navy in the kitchen tiles, either as a backsplash or as flooring. Don’t be afraid to go with a pattern or print.

The Past and Present Virginia Home Trends

History is part of Virginia’s legacy, and the homes in this state show that. You can stay true to history while still making your home feel contemporary and comfortable. You don’t need to live in the past to honor it in your home.

Virginia home trends are all about connecting the past’s elegance and history with the present’s comfort and style. These three trends are easy to incorporate into your home, whether you’re doing a full redesign or just looking for decor elements.

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