The California Architecture Style Home: A Brief Guide

California Architecture

You can create a refreshing look for your home with California style architecture.

California offers the perfect climate for relaxed living. Home design in the region combines indoor and outdoor elements for an ideal blend of organic harmony.

If you’ve ever watched Golden Girls, you’re familiar with the light, airy look of California style architecture. In California homes, you’ll frequently find pleasing, eclectic, and bohemian touches creating a West Coast aesthetic. Also, you’ll witness natural elements existing harmoniously with antique furnishings and a range of bold art.

For a brief guide to California architecture style, keep reading.

California Architecture Style: Steeped in History

California cities have attracted many people from varying backgrounds and heritages. Accordingly, California style architecture has a rich history.

California architecture has unique styles that you won’t find anywhere else, such as the jet futurism of Googie architecture. Googie is a staple of the Los Angeles architecture style. However, you’ll find that the area’s residential design is much more laid-back.

Signature California Style Structures

Throughout the West Coast, you’ll find adobe homes made from red mud brick that catches the eye. The material dates back thousands of years. Nevertheless, it continues to influence contemporary architecture.

You’ll also see signature California ranch homes. They’re lengthy, dense structures with minimal décor.

Also, you’ll see plenty of California bungalows. California designers made their mark in the architectural world with the triangular roof, dormer windows, and front porches that are typical of the structures.

California Architectural Features

Historic Spanish colonial elements signify California style in homes that stretch from northern Santa Rosa to southern San Diego. Many homes feature beautiful courtyards that serve as a centerpiece of the exterior.

You’ll also see outdoor living areas surrounded by a courtyard. This kind of feature is only feasible because of the area’s mild climate. It enables homeowners to migrate from the indoors to the outdoors easily.

Also, you’ll see plenty of low-pitched tile roofs extending over porches. The coverings offer a pleasant place to relax while providing shielding from the area’s many sunny days.

Recreating California Style Architecture

If you are wondering, “How can I sell my house fast?” California design is a well-received style, and it’s a great way to stage your home to impress potential buyers.

It’s easy enough to re-create California style architecture in your home. You can begin by choosing colors that are reminiscent of sand and the sea. Next, layer rich textures with natural tones using materials such as cotton and linen.

Choose light and easy colors such as sandy beiges and bright whites for the walls and ceilings. You can also incorporate plenty of whitewashed woods and saltwater weathered furniture into your decor to achieve the desired California style effect.

If you’re up for some renovation, consider adding nooks, arches, and clay pattern tiles to add an infusion of Mediterranean design.

Reinvent Your Home With California Style

Now you know more about California architecture style, and you’re ready to add the final touches to your home.

If there’s one thing that California style homes have, it’s space. You can recreate this effect by adding mirrors to enlarge rooms. Also, you can dress your windows in fabrics that blend with the walls to expand your spaces visually.

It’s also helpful to get rid of the clutter. Simplicity is the hallmark of California living. You can also place stacks of fresh towels or linens to add a soft accent to the right places.

Finally, California style architecture is all about nature. Cut something fresh and bring the outdoors inside to complete the look!

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