20 Ways to Make Your Interior Come to Life Without Spending a Small Fortune

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The global pandemic has individuals spending more time at home. If you are tired of looking at the same things day after day, it’s time to make some changes. Here are some simple ways to make your interior come to life without breaking the bank.

Wall Wraps

People often purchase paint when they want to update a space. Consider a wall wrap instead. Doing so allows you to transform any wall into a work of art in no time at all. The choice of wrap determines the overall atmosphere of the room.

Raise the Shower Curtain Rod

Did you know that raising the shower curtain rod transforms the look of your bathroom? Elevating the rod makes the room appear more elegant. Simply purchase a rod that coordinates with other hardware in the room and install it a foot higher than the shower ceiling.

Light Switch Covers

Details are of great importance in bringing a room together. When updating any room in the home, obtain new light switch covers along with outlet covers. These items cost very little but help in updating the appearance of a room.

Increase Space in the Room

Although you can’t add square footage to a room, a mirror makes it seem like you did. Purchase a mirror that coordinates with other elements and lean it up against a wall. This provides the illusion of depth while opening up the room, even in tiny spaces.


Wainscoting and chair rails are a great way to spruce up walls in the home. Thankfully, these additions cost very little and yet add elegance to any space. They cut boards at the local hardware store if the tools to complete the cuts aren’t available.

Add Character with Signs

Signs are a great way to add character to a room. Letter boards are wonderful for this purpose and can be changed when the person’s mood changes. The internet is a great resource when you need a new saying for your sign, or you can use a saying that has meaning to you.

Update the Molding

Most builders use one of three types of molding when constructing a new residence. To change up your room, consider upgrading the molding. If you don’t have the budget to do so, consider painting the existing molding for a fresh look.

Raise the Ceilings

Raising the ceilings in a home would be cost prohibitive, but you can give the illusion they are taller than they are. Simply add a few hanging plants to draw the eye upward, making the ceilings appear higher. They’ll add interest to the space at very little cost.

Create a Gallery Wall

A gallery wall serves as a great way to share favorite photos with others. People often assume they need to match picture frames, sizes, shapes, and more, but this is not the case. Bring together a variety of frames to create a unique space that reflects your home, your family, and your personality.


A straightforward way to upgrade the look of any space is to introduce some greenery. Magnolia branches from your backyard, liriope provided by a friend, or a fern you picked up from the local big-box store all add color to your home. If you worry about killing off a plant, find easy-to-care-for houseplants that survive under extreme conditions. There are plenty to choose from, and one will be right for your home.

Floating Shelves

One way to get items up and out of the way is to install floating shelves. Shelves of this type tend to be very inexpensive yet add visual interest to a space. To update the look of the room, simply change out the items on the shelves.

Spotlight Art

Strategically place lights above or below artwork to spotlight the piece. This works best when the art being showcased lacks a glass front, as the glass and light combination can lead to glare marring the work. Start with one light and add more if needed.

Rearrange the Furniture

One of the easiest and most effective ways to upgrade a room is to rearrange the furniture. Don’t limit yourself to the furniture in the room either. Experiment with bringing pieces in from other rooms to see how they work. There is no cost to doing so, and you can spend as much time as you need to find the perfect layout in each room.

Paint the Front Door

Choose a color that won’t clash with your home’s exterior and paint your front door. This splash of color transforms the exterior of the home while adding to the curb appeal. Fortunately, the cost of this project is minimal, but the results are amazing.

Mix Patterns and Textures

Patterns and textures are meant to be experimented with. Less is more in this scenario, but trying different combinations is desired. When you discover the right combination, it changes the whole look and feel of a room.

Paint the Ceiling

Don’t assume an accent wall has to be an actual wall. Use the ceiling as an accent wall to draw the eye upward and open the room. Using the ceiling for this purpose rather than a wall allows the room to remain bright while having this splash of color.

Fresh Flowers

Place fresh flowers in each room of the home. These flowers may be purchased or cut from your garden or that of a neighbor. Group some together as a way of making an artistic statement.

Add a Throw or Two

Throws, pillows, and other small decorative touches are a great way to change the look of a room. Purchase new items or simply move those you already own into different rooms. Buy inexpensive items for this purpose so you can swap them out more often.

Layer Rugs

Rugs are costly, but there are ways to keep the cost down when buying this accessory for a room. Choose an oversized basic rug, such as a jute rug, and cover it with a smaller rug with a gorgeous pattern. The floor remains protected, yet the cost is more affordable.


Remove any items from your space that aren’t used regularly. If they are seasonal items, store them in an attic, garage, or rental unit. If they are items your family has outgrown, donate them. Just make sure they leave the home.

Try one or more of these upgrades today. When you see how minor changes make a big difference, you’ll be ready to move on to the next step. It’s your space, so you can do this as often as you want to make your house a true home.

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