The Key Features of Luxury Living Room Interior You Must Have

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The concept of luxury may be different for each person. Thus, creating a luxury living room interior might as well depend a lot on the house owner’s perception of the design. Luxury can be translated into different styles such as classical, modern, or futuristic. However, these key features, whatever the style it comes in, can bring a luxury feel to the living room.


Art has a way to evoke feelings, not just mere decoration. The right art such as paintings, sculptures, or installations gives that grand feeling to the luxury living room interior. While you don’t have to place a famous artist’s work, you can look for some items in a furniture shop and see if it matches your style.


Different from curtains, drapes have heavier fabrics that can bring lavishness to the area. It is also better the drapes cover the whole height of the wall instead of just covering the window height. Drapes can also be a medium of expression on the living room. Use a different fabric for each season to personalize the look, for example.


The right size and pattern of a rug can create a perfect focal point for the luxury living room interior. Using it under the area of the sofa and the coffee table, or an area in front of the fireplace can set the mood for the whole room. The most important thing to consider is to keep away the rugs from stains to make it look expensive and well-treated.


Just like rugs, lightings can also work as a focal point of the living room. You can install a majestic chandelier with your preferred style to apply the concept. Not just being a decoration, it can also set the mood of the area.

Aside from the chandelier, you can also put secondary lightings on other points of interest on the luxury living room interior. Small spotlights on wall art, mural, or a piece of art on the room may create a luxurious ambiance especially when you use a warm hue for the lamp.

Table Décor

A table cannot go plain empty in a luxury living room. Place centerpieces that can come in forms like candles, lush flowers in a vase, table runners, unique succulents, and other decorations. Interestingly, these table decors can be changed seasonally and you can use some creativity to make your own table décor.

It is important to make sure that a luxury living room interior is the right style for you. For instance, too much table décor is not a good idea if you have children roaming around the house every day.

The chance of broken things and chaos are bigger and you also have to keep the children safe from any possibility of broken glassware. To deal with it, you may want to find some décors that have more kid-friendly materials.

Your style and taste for design would be obviously displayed in your luxury living room interior. One thing to highlight is to not create too many focal points as it will obscure the harmony of the interior design. Furthermore, you may want to adjust the design to the need of your family lifestyle.


Image credit: Festoon House Lighting

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