The Top 5 Absolute Best Home Decor Blogs to Follow in 2020

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If you’re like most of us, you’ve been stuck inside for a few months now. While staring at the same walls and furniture every day can get boring, it can also inspire you to change your space.

Whether searching for the right paint color or DIY home decor ideas, there is no shortage of information on the internet. If you’re itching to redecorate, it’s common to find yourself overwhelmed with all these ideas. Have no fear.

We’ve narrowed down five home decor blogs that are sure to help with your interior design vision.

1. Cococozy

For all things interior design, Cococozy has you covered.

No matter the room you’re redecorating, this blog has all the inspiration you need. From seasonal trends to simple DIY home decor, you’ll find helpful tips and ideas on Cococozy. Cococozy also focuses on affordable options for all home decorators.

Something we love about this blog is its Amazon Prime series. This collection of 16 videos shows Cococozy’s process of redecorating a 1929 Spanish colonial home. If you’re looking for classic home decor inspiration and entertainment, be sure to check out Cococozy.

2. Vintage Revivals

Thrifted pieces, secondhand decor, and inspiration from the past is the name of the game at Vintage Revivals. This blog shows how to complete full home transformations and simple DIY projects.

This blog pulls inspiration from vintage styles for a modern twist on a blast from the past. Visit the Room Reveals page for stunning rooms and homes with character. Also, if you like art, Vintage Revivals has an art section that shows how to handmake beautiful art to decorate your space.

3. Addicted 2 Decorating

Addicted 2 Decorating is another top home decor blog for those on a budget. This blog focuses on low-cost interior design styles that homeowners can achieve themselves.

One of the best features of Addicted 2 Decorating is the Tour My Homes section. This section of the blog shows two homes purchased by the blog owner; a tiny condo and a 1948 fixer-upper with one acre of land. Addicted 2 Decorating shows step by step home transformations with photos, making it easy for readers to get inspired.

For affordable, unique home decor, be sure to visit Addicted 2 Decorating.

4. Remodelaholic

For people interested in sustainable ways to decorate their homes, Remodelaholic has you covered. This blog focuses on DIY home decor that also reduces, reuses, and recycles on a budget.

The Project Ideas page on Remodelaholic is a great place for home decorators to start. This section of the blog features 31 pages of real home decor projects with photos and tips for other homeowners. There are also creative, unique decoration ideas for kids and the holidays.

5. Mad About the House

For quirky, creative, and beautiful DIY home decor ideas, you can find thousands on Mad About the House.

This blog takes unconventional home items and transforms them into beautiful decorations. Mad About the House also has a podcast called The Great Indoors, focusing on everything interior design. If you want a space unlike any other, this blog can help tell that story.

Before you get started on your remodel, be sure to check out this article on helpful tips for home decoration design.

Visit Creative Home Decor Blogs Today

The space we live and work in can have a major impact on our mood. If you’re looking to love the space you live in, consider visiting these five awesome home decor blogs to get your ideas rolling.

For more helpful interior design information, browse our website. Also, be sure to submit your work to us once you’ve redecorated.

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