7 Ways To Add Sophistication And Style To Your Home

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Designing and styling your home is a long, ongoing process that evolves with time and with you. As you discover more inspiration and like different things when you age, your preferences may change, and you begin to crave more sophistication for your home. In interior design, sophistication means using high-quality furniture and other materials with elegant lines to make the room look and feel more luxurious and exclusive.   

As per Architectural Digest’s recent survey, 28% of homeowners want to redecorate and redesign their homes with something luxurious and timeless in hopes of turning their residences into personal sanctuaries. With a well-styled and sophisticated home, it’s easier to feel calmer, more relaxed, and more satisfied in your own home when everything is in its place.  

Whether you’re beginning from scratch or redesigning your existing decoration, this article provides seven ways to add more style and sophistication to your home.  

Transform your lawn into a garden

A well-designed and maintained outdoor garden can significantly increase your residential property’s overall appeal and sophistication. Being surrounded by plants and flowers will make your home more livable. You and your guests will also have an extended area for get-together events while you enjoy the serene landscaping and be more connected with nature. Regardless of your lawn’s width or size, you can transform it into a garden and fill it with luscious flowers, plants, or herbs.  

Of course, hiring professional building designers or landscape architects is recommended when planning a gardening project. These people are skilled and knowledgeable in handling large and small residential projects and creating beautiful home designs that suit their client’s requirements. Whether you want a contemporary formal garden, a vegetable garden, a balcony garden, or a greenhouse garden, they can handle a wide range of residential projects and work closely with you to ensure your envisioned designs are met. 

Install a swimming pool

A swimming pool can add luxury and sophistication to your home. About 10% of homes in the U.S. have their own swimming pools. Houses with swimming pools are also valued 54% higher than homes without.  

The great thing about swimming pools is that they complement well on any outdoor space without competing with the area’s lush natural setting. Like gardens, pools are also an excellent extension for an entertainment area where you and your guests or family can relax or swim.  

Although they have numerous benefits, installing and building a swimming pool can take time and a huge investment. You’ll need a professional contractor to help you design the right pool size suitable for your current outdoor space. And to ensure your swimming pool remains stylish and continues to add sophistication to your home, you’ll need to regularly clean and maintain it to keep it in good shape.  

Add timeless artwork

Besides investing in your home’s exterior, you’ll also need to do the same for your interiors to create balance. One way to do that is by incorporating timeless artwork into your home decorations. Artwork in the form of paintings, photography, or sculpture can add a level of depth, character, and sophistication to any home. It’s also one way to express your interests, personality, and beliefs. 

You can combine timeless artwork pieces with personal touches and modern accents to create a unique ambiance that describes your style. Furthermore, these artwork pieces can be a good conversation starter when you’re having guests over, as they’re a great way to pique your guests’ interest and curiosity. 

Avoid investing in fake or faux plants

It’s a known fact that adding greenery to your home design is a great way to elevate your home’s aesthetic and sophistication. However, some of you may prefer faux plants as they don’t need maintenance, unlike the live ones that require regular TLC. They also tend to be cheaper than real plants.  

But the thing is, faux plants can become a dust magnet, which isn’t something that equals sophistication. A cheap-quality faux plant might also cheapen your home’s overall style and look. To maintain your home’s sophistication and level of elegance, avoid investing in faux plants, no matter how expensive they may be.  

If you’re determined to add pops of greenery to your home, you may choose live plants suitable for beginners or requiring minimal maintenance. Live indoor plants are proven to be therapeutic and make people feel more soothed and comfortable. 

Incorporate texture for a cozy ambiance

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Without texture, your home will look flat, unfinished, and uninviting. Adding texture can make your home look more interesting, sophisticated, and welcoming to inhabit. Furthermore, some textures are designed to be practical, protecting certain objects or surfaces from wear and tear.  

For example, strategically placing rugs on your hardwood flooring won’t only add texture to your floor but also protect it from scratch and damage. Similarly, thick curtains will create a cozy and warm ambiance to the space and will also insulate the room and keep your energy bills low. Other texture pieces that add dimension to your home may include throwing pillows, sofa blankets, and handcrafted textile wall hangings. 

Choose a primary color for your walls and pair it with accent colors

Interior home painting is one of the quickest and most common home improvement projects many homeowners do, garnering 32% of the respondents (the majority). So, if you’re considering repainting your home to add more sophistication, choose a primary color scheme first. This color will likely describe your interest and personality.  

Once you’ve picked a primary color, you can select two or three more accent colors to pair with the primary color and help bring out the best in them. A great example is pairing the shades of green or yellow with the primary color, white or blue. Their combination will completely change the overall look and feel of your home. 

Use the right lighting

Your choice of lighting can make a huge statement of your personality and preference. To give your space a more sophisticated ambiance, choose and use the right lighting strategically for a functional, inviting, and aesthetically pleasing atmosphere.  

Natural light, accent lighting, and overhead lighting are among the most important types of lighting to have in your home. To maximize natural light during the daytime, use light-colored or slim window treatments so the sunlight can easily penetrate and illuminate the interiors. You may also incorporate more reflective surfaces like mirrors, skylights, or glass tables so the natural light can easily spread across the room. 

During the night, ensure your overhead lighting is ideal for the height and width of the room. You can also install soft lights in each corner of the room for a more luxurious ambiance.  

Wrap up

Overall, your home’s style, elegance, and sophistication depend mostly on your design choices. A sophisticated home doesn’t necessarily mean buying as many decorations and accessories as you want. When it comes to home redesigning, quality should always come first. With the help of these tips, you can focus more on the aspects that matter more when sprucing up your home. 

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