Web Surfing 101: How to Speed up Internet Speeds at Home

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Only about 5% of people work from home these days. But that number has been on the rise over the course of the last 20 years, and it appears as though it’s going to continue to trend in that direction.

With this in mind, it’s more important than ever before for people to have fast internet connections at home. They’re going to have a tough time working from home if they don’t have fast enough internet speeds.

By learning how to speed up internet connections at home, people can ensure that they’re able to be productive while working from the comfort of their houses. They can also ensure that they’re able to use their internet connections for personal use without a problem.

Here is how to make internet connections faster in your home from now on.

Start by Performing an Internet Speed Test

When is the last time you tested your internet speed to see where it stands? If it’s been a while since you’ve done it—or, worse, if you’ve never done it before—you should change that right away when trying to figure out how to speed up internet connections.

An internet speed test only takes a few minutes. But it’ll let you know how fast your internet is at the moment when it comes to both upload and download speeds.

You’ll have a much easier time finding out how to improve internet speed once you know how fast or slow your internet is moving. It’s a good idea to start there when your goal is to speed up internet connections in your home.

Make Sure You’re Using the Right Equipment to Connect to the Internet

Are you still using the same equipment to connect to the internet that you were using five or even ten years ago? This equipment could very well be to blame for your home’s slow internet connection speeds.

When you’re trying to figure out how to speed up the internet in your home, you should take a good, long look at your equipment. Your internet might be slower than it should be simply because you’re using an outdated wireless router.

By replacing your wireless router with a newer model, you can speed up internet connections in your home in a hurry without doing anything else on your part. You’ll see a big difference in how quickly you’re able to connect to the internet through a better wireless router.

Pick the Best Place to Put Your Wireless Router

Do you find that your internet speed is great in some parts of your home and not-so-great in others? This could be because you don’t have your wireless router strategically positioned in the right place.

You should make it your mission to boost WiFi signal by picking a new spot in your home for your wireless router. If possible, you should place it somewhere on the top level of your home in a place where it won’t have to deal with much interference.

Secure Your Internet Connection to Stop Neighbors From Using It

When you first set up your wireless router in your home, did you password protect it so that only those in your home can access it? If you didn’t, this could be yet another reason why your internet speed is slower than it should be.

When you don’t secure an internet connection, you allow those in your general vicinity to use it whenever they want. This means your neighbors could be stealing your internet connection and using it without you even knowing it—thus slowing your internet speed way down.

If you haven’t secured your internet connection by now, make that a top priority. It’s how to speed up the internet with very little effort on your part.

Shut Off Any Internet-Connected Devices You’re Not Using

Did you know that the average home has 11 internet-connected devices in it? This includes everything from laptops and tablets to smartphones and smartwatches.

If your home has this many internet-connected devices in it, it’s no wonder why the internet speed is lacking. Your internet can’t keep up with all these devices, especially when they’re connected to the internet all the time.

Speeding up your internet connection might be as simple as shutting off any internet-connected devices that you have in your home that you’re not using. You can stop these devices from running programs in the background and zapping your internet speed when you do this.

Avoid Opening Too Many Internet Tabs on Devices You’re Using

Are you the type of person who always has 35 tabs open on your internet browser when you’re surfing the web? If so, each of these tabs could be taking a toll on your internet speed and slowing your connection way down.

Some of these tabs might just have basic text articles in them. They won’t put too much of a hurting on your internet speed.

But other tabs might have videos playing, which can put a big damper on your internet speed and slow it down dramatically. By only opening up one or two internet tabs at a time, you’ll stop a single device from draining your internet connection and bringing it to a crawl.

Learning How to Speed Up Internet Connections Can Make a Big Difference

There are few things more frustrating than sitting down to use a computer, a tablet, or another device and finding that it doesn’t have a fast internet connection. It can make you want to pull your hair out.

You shouldn’t have to deal with this on a daily basis. If you’re suffering from slow internet speeds at the moment, learning how to speed up internet connections can make a huge difference in how fast your internet is.

Use the tips found here to bring your internet connection back up to speed. You’ll be amazed by how fast your internet is when you do something as simple as moving your router or putting a password on your WiFi network.

Speeding up your internet connection is one way to create the perfect home office. Read our blog for more tips and tricks on putting together a home office you’ll love.

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