5 Stunning Victorian Homes

Victorian House

Modern homes are all the rage in the real estate industry, but some prefer a more eclectic flavor: gorgeous Victorian homes with unparalleled beauty!

With the beauty and uniqueness found in Victorian architecture, it is no wonder why it is one of the most sought-after home styles.

Lasting from 1837 to 1901, the Victorian period had a heavy influence on architecture. A well-kept Victorian home is a piece of art like no other.

We’ve detailed five of the most beautiful Victorian homes for you to marvel at.

  1. Cloverdale’s Crowned Jewel 

Located in Cloverdale, California, this pretty-in-pink residence is one of 15 Victorian mansions on Oakbrook Lane. At the end of the storybook street, you can find Cloverdale’s very own 3000 square foot “crowned jewel.”

With three beds and two and a half baths, this Victorian mansion has an open floor plan with 10 rooms in total. With its high ceilings, expansive kitchen, over-the-top master, ample natural light, luscious gardens, and spacious terrace, this home is a dream come true.

While maintaining 21st-century sensibilities, the Victorian elegance comes alive in the home’s details.

  1. Washington’s Roland G. Gamwell House

Located in Bellingham, Washington, this beautiful Victorian mansion will take your breath away. Built in 1982, the Roland G. Gamwell house still belongs in the Gamwell name but is sure to inspire any Victorian architecture enthusiast.

In the Fairhaven Historic District, it is one of the most stunning examples of Victorian architecture in the Pacific Northwest.

The centerpiece of this extravagant home is its three-story, hand-carved oak stairway. With Italian woodwork highlighted by stained glass windows, the Gamwell House is one of many large Victorian mansions in the National Register.

With three-story balcony views, experience the beauty inside and out.

  1. San Francisco’s Charming Cottage

In the heart of San Francisco, this beautiful Victorian home is a tranquil treat. Built in 1900, its Victorian details mixed with its modern touches will steal your heart.

With natural lighting from all four sides of the home and skylight features, the interior shines. One of the most unique features of this beautiful Victorian mansion is its circular backyard. With picnic tables, hammocks, grill, koi pond, and ample area for lounging, much time will be spent outdoors in the lovely San Francisco weather.

The two private bedrooms also connect to two private bathrooms. Its loft has access to the excess storage room and makes for a cozy bedroom. The outdoor tranquilities and interior luxuries in this beautiful Victorian home are a once in a lifetime prize.

  1. Galveston’s Bishop’s Palace

Located in Galveston, Texas, the stunning Victorian architecture of Bishop’s Palace brings the fairytale to reality.

A historical landmark, this large Victorian mansion is sure to inspire any Victorian home lover. If you’re thinking about purchasing a house, this incredible building will persuade you to shop Victorian.

In all its beauty, this Victorian mansion is listed as one of America’s 100 most important buildings.

  1. Arkansas’ Kelley House

Found in the mountainous region of the Ozark’s, Arkansas’ Kelley House is unforgettable.

Built in 1891, the home’s 19th-century style is reflected in every corner. With an asymmetrical style, this gorgeous mansion is turnkey ready. The house has seven master bedrooms with connecting bathrooms, five half bathrooms, two kitchens, and eight fireplaces.

One of the most unique features is its 2,500 square foot courtyard with 13-foot stone walls, Italian marble fountain, and bar. If you’re a Victorian architecture lover, this home will blow you away.

Beautiful Victorian Homes for Anyone

If you dream about beautiful Victorian homes, we encourage you to take the leap toward their historical and beautiful artwork.

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