Kitchen Renovation Mistakes to Avoid

Kitchen Renovation Mistakes

Are you tired of cooking in your old kitchen? The working space will not be giving you any excitement while trying a new recipe. It might be sure that lacks space for all the latest technology, or maybe you just didn’t like it in the first place. It has been years, and you finally have money to remodel it. It is a big responsibility that guarantees stress and exhaustion. You must be looking for all sorts of ideas, or maybe you have a clear-cut picture of what you want. Talking to your peers about it will only make you more confused and stressed. You wouldn’t want to waste your time, energy, and money. To make sure things run smoothly throughout, we have devised some carefully collected ideas that will enhance the whole space beautifully.

Here are some common mistakes you should avoid while doing this task.


It is very natural for people to be indecisive. With millions of options in the market and some eye-catching ideas, you are bound to change your mind. But this can ruin your whole game plan. Sometimes homeowners can’t decide at all, and they keep putting things off. Your time will be wasted, or you will be meeting unexpected expenses. Stick to your plan and change it only if there is no further choice. While deciding, it is incredibly essential to consider your natural lighting, floor level, space, electrical connections, and budget, for sure.


Making isles too narrow can be a significant obstacle while working in the kitchen. People fail to consider this while remodeling. Your aisles have to be spacious enough to move freely while squeezing yourself through with your hands loaded. Make sure to have enough spaces near the oven, fridge, cabinets, and Kitchen Island. Ideally, you should look for 42-48 inches wide space between aisles.


It is a horrible idea to choose appliances last. When you decide to buy modern gray cabinets, this is when you should make up your mind about the selection of appliances and furniture as well. You need appropriate storage space for your appliances, and if you opt for these in the last, it might just ruin the whole thing. It is better to go shopping for appliances first and plan your kitchen accordingly with the right measurements. Opt for reliable pieces of technologies rather than low-quality products to maintain a budget.

Similarly, kitchen furniture is also essential. You need to pick out every piece of big furniture for the kitchen at the start. You may be disappointed later to find out that the beautiful kitchen island stools you picked are just too big for space, or the cabinet for the oven is too broad.


Most people are too engrossed and eager for the outcome that they often ignore the material that comes in. Some would just choose a fragile material because it looks too pretty to be left out. You need stable and robust furniture and countertops to host the weight of the kitchenware and the appliances. Avoid limestone and recycled glass as they are vulnerable and get chipped easily. Go for marble and quartz, instead.


Some spots in the kitchen are the busiest, and if you choose to ignore their setting, you might mess up the work efficiency. Your stoves, cabinets, islands are the most used areas. Make sure to place them sufficiently apart so that you don’t crowd your kitchen. Placing the sink right next to the stove would not give you space to move around, you will be jammed in one area. This kitchen work triangle needs to be smooth for cooks.


If there is one kitchen feature that has been constant apart from the traditional sinks and stoves, it is Kitchen Island. We all love the idea of having a traditional island, and most of the homeowners remodel their kitchen because of this desire. What most people overlook are the size and the appropriate need for the feature. Some people go overboard with it by hosting big and fancy islands making their space too cramped and harder to walk around. Plus, the width of the island makes it hard to reach for the stuff on the other corner. Avoid overstuffing the island and try to fit the kitchenware in the existing cabinets.


It is best if you leave the plumbing as it is. For remodeling, this is your ideal option. Getting into it will increase the workload as well as the expenses. Try to avoid it and remodel the sink and other water suppliants just where they were.


As much as you believe in yourself, it is never a bad idea to get professionals to look into your business. Especially when it comes to your kitchen, it would be more helpful to hire a professional and work with them. Choose a contractor who has years of experience. You don’t need to go overboard with them, just look for people you can afford. Be sure to layout your thoughts and what you want rather than just nodding your head to whatever they say.


A lot of people do this while remodeling. Certain unexpected expenses might come up, but you still need to stick to your budget. Reexamine your purchases and look for cut downs or eradications of some products. Changing your plans now and then might be heavy on your pocket as well.


Sometimes, it is the smallest things that annoy you later. Cheap cabinet magnets or caster wheels of the Kitchen Island, stove knobs are some examples of these minor details that, if not paid attention to, may result in more significant consequences.


Sure the market is loaded, but that doesn’t mean you stuff your kitchen with everything. Sometimes, people make their houses too fancy that they miss out on the comforting and welcoming feeling. Your kitchen is an essential part of the house. It has to be comfortable for you and other members of your family. It is okay to be a bit fancy. Also, keep in mind that your new kitchen goes with your house, it shouldn’t be mismatched or look alienated. Keep it simple and modern.


Your kitchen should be such that while cooking, you can look after your children while they do homework or work from the countertops when you have to multitask. Plus, guests like to be accompanied and feel welcomed. Unfortunately, some people ignore this fact and leave their guests hanging out by themselves alone in the living room; thus, plan for a space that can be productive as well as interactive.


Avoiding these common mistakes can make these remodeling days easy for you. Spare yourself of some stress and expenses while you consider our suggestions. Don’t think of minor detailing as neglectable aspects; they do creep up on you in the end. Also, make sure not to ruin your budget while you go through your renovations. In the end, when you stand in front of your freshly renovated kitchen, you will be overwhelmed with joy and satisfaction.

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