The Buyer’s Guide: 9 Things You Should Research Before Buying a Wall Bed

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Once you’ve decided to buy a wall bed for your home, it’s important to do some research and ask the right questions. A wall bed is a sizable purchase that you’ll likely be living with for years, and understanding the benefits and disadvantages of each choice is crucial to your long-term satisfaction. Here are nine questions and answers to consider before making a purchase.

What are the Most Common Size Options for Wall Beds?

Like conventional beds, wall beds are sold in twin, full, queen, and king sizes. A twin bed is a fantastic option for tight spaces and a single person sleeping. In some cases, multiple twin wall beds are installed in places like sleep centers, fire stations, cabins, and older people’s homes.

Full-size wall beds are a good choice for couples without space for a queen bed. The price difference between a full and a queen bed is insignificant, and the versatility of a queen bed makes it the right choice for most people. King-size wall beds are uncommon, but they are available.

Is it Better to Get a Horizontal Tilt or Vertical Tilt Wall Bed?

The choice depends on the room’s usage and the amount of available space. When two people sleep in the same bed, a vertical tilt wall bed allows access from either side. However, if depth or height is limited, aside tilt model may be more appropriate. A designer can explain the pros and cons of each option and help you make an informed decision.

What Kind of Mattress Is Right For a Wall Bed?

Some of today’s wall beds have weight or size constraints that limit mattress options. For instance, slat support systems require light foam mattresses. While the mattress may not seem like the most important choice to make, it affects the cost and comfort of a wall bed. If your current mattress is relatively new, it may be possible to use it with a wall bed.

What’s the Bed’s Height?

Most modern wall beds stand at approximately 18 inches from the ground. Because standard beds are about 21 inches off the ground, a wall bed’s legs may be adapted to align with that standard. This makes it easier to get into and out of the bed, which is helpful for injured and elderly sleepers.

Is it Safe to Order a Wall Bed Online?

The easy use and quality of a wall bed become apparent when it’s lowered or raised. For such reasons, it’s better to visit a wall bed showroom where you’ll be able to test multiple configurations. A wall bed is a long-term purchase, and ordering something without testing it isn’t the best choice.

Should I Get a Self-Installation Kit, or Should I Hire a Professional Wall Bed Installer?

Most reputable wall bed sellers don’t offer DIY installation kits because they believe that it’s crucial to have these beds installed by certified and trained technicians. During the installation process, the safety of the user and the installer are at stake. These beds use mechanisms and springs that can cause serious injury if they’re not installed correctly.

Furthermore, a wall bed won’t work well unless its cabinet is square and level, which requires proper installation. Though some companies offer wall bed installation as an additional service, it’s best to find a company that specializes in wall beds. When you work with a specialist, they’ll provide an installation that will work safely and smoothly for many years to come.

How Hard is it to Pull Down a Wall Bed? Should I Invest in a Hydraulic Bed?

The best wall beds use chrome silicon springs instead of conventional steel springs for increased tensile strength. These springs are designed to stand up to years of everyday use, which means they’re not likely to wear out. Additionally, beds are balanced with several springs per side, and those springs are customized to suit the weight of the frame and the mattress.

This precise balancing process means that the bed will virtually float from horizontal to vertical and can be raised or lowered with just a touch. Modern wall beds don’t use pistons, as they’re limited to one on each side. As these pistons wear out, the bed will become harder to raise and lower. The best spring mechanisms are put through hundreds of testing cycles, so whether the bed is used occasionally or daily, it will lower easily and smoothly each time.

How Long Does Wall Bed Installation Take?

If the wall bed is going in by itself or with a simple side cabinet, it can be installed in a day or less. However, if it’s part of a comprehensive room solution like a home office, it may take two or three days to finish the job. We manufacture and install a wide selection of beds and complementary cabinetry. Whether you’re looking for simple installation or to renovate an entire room, give us a call. You won’t be disappointed!

How Expensive Is It to Get a Wall Bed Installed?

The average cost of wall bed installation may vary depending on factors such as room size, mattress choice, cabinetry selection, and material upgrades. Some customers add options such as integrated fold-down tables, reading lights, decorative cabinetry, and side tables with wardrobe storage. We invite you to visit us in-store or online to test our wall beds and talk to our designers. We can answer your questions and help you choose a wall bed that fits your lifestyle and your home.

In Conclusion: Is a Wall Bed Right For Me?

Though many people think of these beds as an antiquated notion, they’re quite modern and useful. We think you deserve the highest quality bed for the money, and we’re here to help. Like other home improvement decisions, buyers should weigh the cost against quality to arrive at the most favorable outcome. View our selection online or call today to schedule a no-obligation consultation with one of our wall bed designers.

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