5 Questions to Ask Before Buying the Perfect Bed Frame for Your Needs

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Many people are happy to spend dozens of hours researching mattresses, but the effort put into identifying the perfect bed frame can be just as productive. Having an appropriate bed frame will make it easier to sleep soundly and also make a bedroom more beautiful. There are five simple questions it always pays to ask when shopping for a new bed frame.

  1. What Kind of Mattress Will the Bed Frame be Used With?

People in the market for new bed frames often own mattresses they are happy with. In other cases, a new mattress will be bought at the same time as a bed frame, with certain preferences already being established.

Companies like 360HomeWare stock bed frames that cover the entire range of possibilities, but arranging for a good fit with the type of a mattress will always be important. Mattresses of traditional coil-spring design, for instance, generally need to be set atop box springs a bed frame must be designed to accommodate.

Memory foam and latex mattresses, on the other hand, perform best when placed on relatively solid platforms. That will require a bed frame to stand higher than if a box spring were going to be taking up some vertical space. Fortunately, it tends to be quite easy to identify bed frames that will work well with particular types of mattresses.

  1. What Size is the Mattress?

In addition to the materials that make them soft but supportive, mattresses differ with regard to size. The vast majority of mattresses on the market at any given time will be one of a handful of standardized sizes.

As such, it should almost always be straightforward to choose a bed frame that will fit a given mattress perfectly. Exceptions exist, though, as with handmade mattresses of unique sizes filled with feathers.

  1. How Big is the Bedroom?

A bed frame will always need to be sized properly to accommodate a mattress. The dimensions of the surrounding room, however, will also impact the suitability of particular frames.

Bed frames, after all, range from sleek, streamlined, modern models to lavishly appointed affairs that extend well beyond the mattresses they hold. It will rarely make sense to shoehorn an especially bulky bed frame into a room where space is already at a premium. Bed frame features like pull-out drawers can even become useless if insufficient space exists to use them comfortably.

  1. What Kind of Design Will Work Best?

Every bedroom reflects a certain interior design approach, and a bed frame can either contribute to and support that look or clash with it. Fortunately, there are so many styles of bed frames on the market that it should never be difficult to find one that looks great in a given setting. In fact, focusing on design can be an effective, efficient way to narrow the options when many exist.

  1. What Kinds of Extras Would be Desirable?

All bed frames need to provide a secure place for a mattress and any supporting accessories that might be required. Manufacturers go beyond such basics, though, in a variety of ways that can also be desirable.

Bed frames with built-in storage, for instance, can help their owners reduce domestic clutter. Special features like gas-powered lifts can even make everyday life easier for certain people.

A Bit of Preparation Pays Off

Asking these five questions before committing to anyone’s bed frame will make a satisfying purchase more likely in just about every case. Being prepared with the answers will make shopping faster and easier, and will also make it simpler to obtain any help that might be needed.

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