4 Easy Ways To Save On Business Energy Costs

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Many small business owners overlook energy costs as an area in which they can save. However, attention to common problems and scheduled maintenance can add up to hundreds of dollars in annual savings! It also results in better equipment performance, less wasted energy, and a smaller carbon footprint.

    1. Scheduled Maintenance

A little money spent on preventive measures beats the high price of emergency repairs or replacements and avoids disasters that can occur as a result, such as water damage, mold, and structural damage. Regular maintenance not only keeps your equipment performing at its best, but it also extends its longevity and helps you avoid costly repair bills.

Refrigerators and freezers struggle during the warmest months, water heaters can become an energy-suck in colder months, and electrical systems can be run down by the increased demand and energy spikes due to seasonal changes. Regular maintenance of your HVAC unit ensures a constant indoor temperature and peak performance, both of which reduce stress on other appliances.

However, never try servicing your HVAC system by yourself because it is dangerous. Contact an HVAC qualified professional like J & J Mechanical, Inc. Heating and Air Conditioning.

  1. Use the Energy Star Portfolio


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The Energy Star Portfolio is a free utility
from the EPA to benchmark your energy usage. It is well established and trusted by tens of thousands of households and businesses. Getting started is a bit involved, but you will find problem areas to tackle and be able to track your energy spending. You can also compare your energy usage and efficiency to similar buildings to find even more ways to save.

  1. Disconnect

Everyone knows to turn off lights and appliances that no one is using, but it’s best to unplug all electronics, not in use and never leave any on “standby.” Some devices’ cords still draw electricity when plugged into the wall, even if they are not connected to the device or it is turned off — like fax machines, printers, and cellphones.

Keep blinds and curtains drawn in warm months and open in colder ones. This prevents heat from entering and escaping through the windows and, in cooler months, the natural light saves energy on lighting and heating. If you have central heating and air, close the vents in backrooms that no one uses.

  1. Caulk Air Leaks

Air leaks around windows and doorways and unfinished rooms are notorious trouble spots that can cost you a fortune over time. However, these are problems you can solve yourself with a small investment in caulk and a little DIY enthusiasm.

Fill in large cracks and holes first, working in straight lines with the fewest stops and starts possible. You can caulk your business for less than you expect, although it takes an afternoon or more to accomplish. It also takes 24 hours or longer for the caulk to dry completely.

These small steps, many of which you can do yourself, can save your business loads of money on repairs and energy costs.

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