6 Things to Have in Mind When Hanging a Heavy Mirror

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Large mirrors offer a lot of benefits to homeowners and commercial business owners alike. They can act as a perfect focal point for just about any room, provide some extra light, and even make smaller rooms look larger than they are. Unfortunately, most large mirrors are also quite heavy, which can make them more difficult to hang. Read on to find out what homeowners and business owners should know before they hang their heavy mirrors.

It’s Fine to Hire a Professional

Before even discussing what it takes to hang a heavy mirror alone, it’s worth taking the time to point out that those who feel uncomfortable with undertaking such a substantial project can always hire a professional. Just make sure to hire a glass specialist from Capitol Glass and not a random handyman with dubious experience. This will ensure no property damage occurs during the mirror installation and give property owners the peace of mind of knowing they’ll be covered in the unlikely event something does go wrong.

Always Find the Studs First

Property owners who opt to take a do-it-yourself approach should prioritize safety and adequate preparation. The first step is to find the wall studs. It’s never a good idea to hang anything heavy on drywall, as it won’t be able to support the weight. Instead, purchase a reliable stud finder and plan to secure the hangers directly into the center of the wall studs.

Distribute Weight Evenly

Heavy mirrors may require two or more hangers, depending on how large they are and how they are shaped. Make sure to distribute the mirror’s weight evenly across the hangers and use a level to double-check the placement before securing them to the wall.

When choosing hangers, keep in mind that mounting hardware and anchors come in many sizes. Choose one that is rated for the mirror’s weight and the wall type where it will be installed. This information should be readily available on the product’s packaging.

Enlist Some Help

Just because a property owner wants to take a DIY approach doesn’t mean it’s not appropriate to enlist the help of a handy friend. Heavy mirrors are cumbersome and large. Having a helper available to assist with lifting will make the process of getting the mirror into place much easier.

Consider Cleat Brackets

French cleat brackets work a little differently than traditional hangers and anchoring hardware, but they’re great for hanging exceptionally heavy mirrors. Just use a drill to make pilot holes in the mirror’s frame and attach the mounting bracket to it using screws. The cleat can be affixed to the wall studs. Once this preliminary work is finished, property owners can simply lift the mirror into place and guide the mounting bracket gently into the cleat.

Always Follow Manufacturers’ Instructions

Some heavy mirrors are more difficult to hang than others. Large frameless mirrors are notoriously difficult to hang, as they typically require mirror adhesive. Make sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions regarding positioning and support carefully when using mirror adhesive to hang large frameless mirrors.

The Bottom Line

Hanging a heavy mirror isn’t usually a one-person job, but with the help of a strong friend, property owners can undertake this project themselves. Those who prefer to spend their time engaging in more enjoyable pursuits can always hire a glass specialist to hang the mirrors for them.

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