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Your home should be a special place. Ideally, your home should be 10 out of 10. After all, the home will always be the point where you begin your day and end it and retreat to when you need a break.

Sometimes we buy the worst house in the best neighborhood because that’s what we can afford. Fortunately, you can always work on the interior down the road.

The design of your home should help to take the stress away and help you relax. You obviously do not want to come home after a long and tiring day at work to a literal dump. The most common relaxing styles applied to home designs are the minimalist and neat contemporary styles.

But interior design is not limited to those styles. There are unconventional design approaches that are more bold and expressive. Admittedly, your friends and family may not understand why you want such an unconventional look in your house but what really matters is your opinion.


The last time most people showered outside on a regular basis was during the Dark Ages. Since then, the shower and bathtub have been used INSIDE the home to bathe, and many would like to keep it that way. But there are those who like to see nature when they shower. These people tend to have glass walls that not only let the light in but also treat them to an unhampered view of the gardens outside.

No matter how appealing glass walls are, we must say that they are only appropriate in certain contexts. If your home is on a private island in the Caribbean or in the middle of the Indian Ocean or if your property is surrounded by high fences, then having walls that practically show what you’re doing inside won’t be a problem.  Obviously you can’t do the same in the middle of New York City.


Now that we’re speaking of New York City and the highly modern and industrialized atmosphere there, it’s a good time to talk about the industrial approach to interior design.

Many conventional designers frown upon this. According to them, even the grandest castles of Europe don’t have their stones and bricks exposed in their interiors; so it’s really not a good idea to do the same in homes. Up to a certain extent, they have a point. Indeed, having an industrial themed interior is a bit gloomy because of its bare aesthetic.

However, that is also where this industrial interior design approach gets its appeal. The un-fussy look has a beauty that those with an open mind and creative imagination can appreciate and this elevates the aesthetic value of the home.

If you’re going with an industrial style, consider using pictures or actual underwater hydraulic tools as ornaments or displays in your unconventional abode. While these tools are not really residential in nature, they creatively add drama to otherwise plain home design. They may also hint at the nature of the homeowner’s jobs, so they can be good conversation points.


The Boho style has become quite popular these days. While it can indeed be aesthetically pleasing, the boho approach can lead to a busy space that’s difficult to move around in or organize your things. Space will be filled with mason jars, dream catchers, tiny wooden sculptures, and whatever you think improves the “flow of energy.” To those who easily find order in chaos, the boho style does not create the slightest issue.

A good home interior is visually relaxing and adds an aesthetic value to your life. Have a favorite artist? Decorate your walls with his work, whether it be comic books or paintings. Obsessed with technology and the future? Make everything smart: smart TV, smart refrigerators, smart kitchen. Within the confines of your home, you can treat your life like a huge show. Remember, your house should be 10 out of 10 according to what YOU want.

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