The Best Lawn Maintenance Tips

Lawn Maintenance

Having an ideal outdoor space comes in handy when you want to entertain or simply spend some time outdoors after a long day. Well, you need to take proper care of your lawn if you want to achieve this. Here are some of the best lawn maintenance tips to consider.

  1. Remove Weeds, Thatch And Moss

If not removed, they will prevent the proper growth of your lawn grass. That’s because they block air and nutrients from getting to the roots of the grass. Here is what you need to do.

  • Weeds – There are different types of weeds present in any regular lawn. You can pull out the entire weed with the roots using tools or by hand. However, if there are too many weeds, you can spray them using a low-toxicity herbicide.
  • Thatching – It’s a layer of organic matter that builds up between the soil and the leaves. It mostly includes dead root stems, grass and leaves. Failure to remove them results in a blockage of nutrients and moisture from getting to the roots. You can use a rake to remove thatch from your lawn.
  • Moss – These are non-flowering plants that thrive in areas with excess shade, moisture and low-quality turf grass. If not removed, the grass will stop growing.
  1. Improving Drainage

If your lawn has poor drainage, it will be waterlogged for a long time. It will result in poor health for the grass. You need to improve the drainage in your lawn to allow proper growth of the grass effortlessly. You can do this by changing the type of soil to improve permeability or adding gutters and drains when there is excess rainfall.

  1. Proper Aeration

Here, you can allow proper penetration of water and air to the roots of the grass. You can create small holes in the soil at different depths and intervals. Use a garden fork or any other tools such as aerating tools for the best results. Depending on your lawn, you need to do this once every few years to guarantee proper aeration.

  1. Over-seeding

Do you have a tired and worn out lawn? You should consider over-seeding where you cover the whole lawn with seed and fertilizer. It will fill in the damaged or thinning area of the lawn. It’s also a good way to improve the color and reduce the chance of weeds growing in your lawn.

Before you pour the seeds in the lawn, make sure it’s mowed, aerated and properly watered. Make sure the lawn remains moist to allow germination. Also, you should add a top dressing to protect the seeds and provide much-needed nourishment. You should do this annually to maintain a healthy lawn.


In Conclusion

It takes a lot to maintain a healthy lawn. Therefore, if you can’t do any of the tasks mentioned above, you should always hire a professional landscaper like Innovascape to provide the services for you. They are experts in everything regarding lawn maintenance and will do everything possible to make sure that your lawn retains the color and thickness for a long time.

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