A Place for Relaxation and Peace: 7 Signs It’s Time for a New Bathtub

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What is normally one of the smallest rooms in the house is also one of the busiest and with everyone vying for their own bit of me-time in the bathroom it is a place that can soon start to suffer a bit of wear and tear.

If you are not really feeling the relaxing vibe that should be coming over you as you attempt to soak away the stresses and strains of a busy day that could be down the inescapable truth that your bathtub and bathroom need a new lease of life.

You can soon spruce things up when you start looking at inspirational items such as painted bathtubs and maybe a new statement mirror to bring your wall to life.

If you are not enjoying your bathroom as much as you used to and it isn’t a haven of relaxation and peace here are some pointers that might be telling you to do something about it and give your bathroom a makeover.


Beware the black invasion creeping up your walls

One of the worst things to happen to your bathroom is to witness the distressing signs of mold and mildew.

If your bathtub is harboring some black mold around the edges it is something you need to address straight away.

It is not just the fact that mold and mildew look distinctly unsightly there is also the issue that it can be very harmful to your health as well. If you see any signs that your bathroom has succumbed to this ugly and potentially dangerous problem that is one of the most obvious signs that its time to change your fittings and change the decor.


A persistent leak

Many of us seem to be able to ignore minor issues around the house and a dripping tap is a typical problem that a number of homeowners might choose to ignore for a while, presumably in the hope that it will somehow fix itself.

The bad news is that a leaking tap is only going to get increasingly worse and it is not always easy to fix.

If the leak is something else, such as a hairline crack in your bathtub that causes water to pool at the bottom, the solution is the same. Changing the bathtub can work out cheaper than paying for a repair and the added bonus is you get a shiny new bathtub into the bargain.


Unsightly stains

Another typical bathtub problem that is difficult to put right is when it has started to stain and the original enamel finish is not looking anywhere near as shiny and appealing as it once did.

If you are thinking of cleaning the tub to resolve the issue you might want to think again as it is not easy to bring a tub back to showroom condition cost-effectively. There is also a potential problem that the stains might be harboring bacteria and germs.

All things considered, if you have a staining issue with your bathtub it could be time for a replacement.


Your changing needs

A growing number of us are now enjoying a multigenerational experience with several generations of your family living under one roof and this can mean that you might have to make some changes in your home to accommodate everyone’s needs.

Mobility issues can mean that you might need to consider a walk-in bathtub or one that is at least easier to access.

Everyone wants to enjoy their bathing experience and if you find that your current layout is not providing that opportunity it is a sign that you might want to think about how to change your bathroom around.


Fed up with your existing bathtub?

You might have inherited the current bathtub when you moved in and if it is an older house you might find that it was built for people who used to be smaller than the current generation.

If you find that you can’t stretch out your legs and the shape of your bathtub doesn’t lend itself to being easy to get in and out, take the hint and consider giving yourself a bathtub upgrade that actually meets your modern living needs.


A blast from the past

You may well be in a situation where there is nothing wrong with the functionality of your bathroom but even if that is the case it may be a straightforward case of your bathroom suite outstaying its welcome.

If the decor shouts old-fashioned and tired you don’t need any other reason to think about bringing your bathroom out of the dark ages and replacing it with a modern and attractive solution.

The decor of your bathroom plays a pivotal role in dictating the mood and feel of the space and it can often be a combination of things that all tend to shout the same thing, that it is time for a remodel.

A new bathtub and matching suite can have a huge impact on your surroundings and if you also look to update your fittings and lighting options it can all add up to a much-needed makeover that transforms your opinion of the bathroom.


Poorly planned space

Some bathrooms really don’t make the best use of available space and if there is a lack of storage options, for example, it can make the room seem very untidy if too many things are on display.

If you are frustrated with the lack of space and your bathroom’s poor functionality that should be taken as a clear sign that its time to consider starting over with a sleeker and well-designed arrangement that looks and feels a whole lot better than the existing setup.

There are numerous compelling reasons why it makes good sense to consider giving your bathroom a much-needed makeover. Aside from the fact that it could add some value to the property, there is also an important aspect of being able to enjoy some genuine moments of peace and relaxation in your upgraded surroundings.

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