Getting Ready to Move? Why You Should Buy a Prefab Home the Next Time You’re House Hunting

Prefab House

If we told you that you could buy a home at 50% less per square foot than a conventional home, would it spike your interest?

According to experts, this true fact is one of the many reasons why you should buy prefab home models. In 2017, 22 million Americans reported living in prefab homes. Will you be joining that statistic?

Keep reading to get the details behind this growing trend.

What Are Prefabricated Homes?

When considering your options, you may come across offers for prefab homes. What is a prefab home exactly?

Prefabricated construction allows many building elements to get accomplished off-site. Most production occurs in a factory setting rather than on-site. A wide range of elements can be prefabricated like:

Finished parts are then transported and assembled at the building area.

Types of Prefab Homes

There are three main types of prefabricated houses. They are:

  • Mobile homes
  • Manufactured homes
  • Modular homes

Mobile homes were all designed before 1976. Manufactured homes are the new and improved version of mobile homes. They are regulated by the US Department of Housing and Urban Development.

Modular homes aren’t required to follow the same codes. Instead, they abide by the laws of the regional area where the home will get constructed.

Why You Should Buy Prefab Home Models

With these details in mind, you’re likely wondering why so many people are now buying prefab homes.

Buying prefab home models is attractive because building is faster and less expensive. The construction process is also more sustainable than traditional methods.


Your home may take longer depending on how complex your design is. It can take as short as 3-4 months from the start of the project until you’re ready to move in.

Traditional homes can take up to a year to be move-in ready.

The factory work is usually completed very fast. Much of the delay will come from the required on-site work like plumbing and electrical.

Less Expensive

The streamlined, quick prefab process will reduce your costs. When buying prefab home models, you’ll save a lot of money on labor.

Your savings won’t end there! Heating and cooling are more affordable in prefab homes than traditional ones. Most models are very energy efficient, which saves a lot on your electricity bill.


The notion of a manufactured home often brings visions of old, dated mobile homes. That vision is a thing of the past. Now, modern prefab homes are trendy!

Don’t believe me? Take a look at some of these stunning small house designs for a quick sample.

Despite getting created in a factory, prefab homes are customizable. Buyers can get a variety of upgrades, finishes, and house plans.

Manufactured Homes Are the Future

In all, choosing to buy prefab home models over traditional homes is beneficial in many ways. Keep in mind that you’ll still need to pay for the property where you plan on building your home.

Would you ever consider buying a prefab house? Give us your honest thoughts in the comment box below. We’d love to hear your thoughts!

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