Cisco Systems Inc. Building 5: A Sustainable Office Design for A Global Networking Firm

This new office is designed by RMW Architecture & Interiors for a global networking firm, Cisco. Cisco Systems Inc. Building 5 is an office with a sustainable design that can provide the best place for the firm to support their commitment to serve countries, companies, and individuals for improving their productivity.


Cisco Systems Inc Building 5 1

Cisco Systems Inc Building 5 2

Cisco Systems Inc Building 5 3

The main strategy of this new office design is about a priority to make a workplace to support the firm commitment: Change the way people work, live, play, and learn. The workplace can increase productivity, strengthen the competitive advantage, and also improve the customer satisfaction.



Cisco Systems Inc Building 5 4

Cisco Systems Inc Building 5 5

Cisco Systems Inc Building 5 6

The interior of this office can energize the employees to stay focus and collaborative with the flexible spaces and colorful interior. All-hands training space, game room, and break area are connected well by open banquets and also a pocket door, creating a varied landscape for the interior.



Cisco Systems Inc Building 5 7

Cisco Systems Inc Building 5 8

Cisco Systems Inc Building 5 9

The existing high paneled stations of the open office are changed into honeycomb shaped free-address height, creating some adjustable stations to work. The high percentage of open lounges and meeting rooms are more available to be used in an easy way.

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