Launch Pointe: A Community Space for Students with Educational Concept in Monarch School

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Launch Pointe is serving some students from kindergarten through 12th grade at Monarch School to have a project-based learning in a good space. This learning space allows the students to engage with the industry partners and employers as their teachers and lectures to build a community space. Launch Pointe not only offers the best educational concept but also the best space too with its awesome interior design.

Life After Monarch Preparation

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The purpose of creating this project-based learning is preparing the students for their next life after they leave Monarch. The preparation includes critical thinking, innovative exploration, team collaboration, hands-on learning experiences, and also problem-solving.

Three Academies

Monarch School Launch Pointe 2

Launch Pointe at Monarch School will support the students three academies as the main concept. The first concept is information technology, the second is about building and construction. And the last is social services.

Design Features

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The design features in Launch Porte is made based on the student pride and ownership for creating a cozy and comfortable space. The design itself also supports the student personalization like interactive technologies, level variation of zoning, and also the choice of lighting.

Flexible Furniture

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The flexible furniture is used to give the students some easy media for learning. It makes the learning space is allowed to be reconfigured based on their needs. Most of the furniture is wooden furniture with the yellow color design on some parts.

Student-Centered Education

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With the support of student-centered education in Launch Pointe, the students can gain their own way to learn and also confident about it. They also can have a good opportunity to work in a team with the awesome collaboration spaces inside Launch Pointe.

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