N3ON: Offer a Unique Spatial Retail Experience

N3ON (read: Neon) is a sunglass store designed by LineHouse in collaboration with Tony Schonhardt. The collaborative project was successfully completed in 2016 and designed on a 50 square meter area. The sunglass boutique itself is located at Grand Gateway, Shanghai, China.


N3on Offer A Unique Spatial Retail Experience 5

Inspired by ocular perception and the sense of sight perceived by the eyes, LineHouse designed N3ON with the concave and convex concept which means the depth of field and perspective. In doing so, the firm came with a series of double-sided concave pierced white panels to act as the insertions for the space. The firm inserted the concave in angular method to establish a forced perspective. The metal was drilled with a hole gradation in a vertical way. Functioned as N3ON’s focal point, the cashier area is placed in the middle with a splash of pink neon covered with laser cut neon pink acrylic. It makes quite a sight and contrast to the sleek white interior of the shop.

Eyewear Display

N3on Offer A Unique Spatial Retail Experience 4

The side walls have been adorned with mirrors to create an infinite field of reflection. There are also adjustable fixtures set in the concave panels and operate as a mechanism of eyewear display.

N3on Offer A Unique Spatial Retail Experience 3

The display consists of thin white metal shelves attached to white metal rods or encased in a glass box. They are floating within the concave panels.

N3on Offer A Unique Spatial Retail Experience 2

In front of the mirror panels, there are four freestanding fixtures in place.

N3on Offer A Unique Spatial Retail Experience 1

Here, thin white shelves are positioned in between the hot pink metal threaded rod. The shelves are used as the platforms to showcase N3ON’s products.

Via LineHouse