Dressed Salads Designed by LineHouse

Dressed Salads Designed By Linehouse 2

An international brand Dressed Salads has established a shop in Shanghai, China. The one responsible for the design is LineHouse that completed the work in 2014. Even though the shop is quite small, it goes with a sleek design that makes the customers feel comfortable while staying and enjoying the food there.

The Dressed Salads

Dressed Salads Designed By Linehouse 4

For this small shop, the firm went with a glass enclosure to allow the customers see the salad preparation.

The Glass Enclosure

Dressed Salads Designed By Linehouse 3

The glass enclosure is installed through the space to make a connection between one entrance to another inside the shop.

Interior Composition

Dressed Salads Designed By Linehouse 2

The interior consists f white glossy subway tiles, brass woods, green glazed tiles, wood shelves, menu boards and logos as well as plants hanging off a brass structure. The brass structure is suspended from a small extending canopy and folding down the walls and floors.

Brass Strip Pattern

Dressed Salads Designed By Linehouse 1

An accent adorns the floor in a form of brass strip pattern. The brass strips are emphasized by various tile sizes in every direction. You can also see a free-standing brass table clad in green mesh to create a sitting area for 10 people. Meanwhile, the inside of the kitchen has green glazed tiles.

Via LineHouse

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