17 Gorgeous Kitchen Wall Decorations

Kitchen Wall Decorations 2

Your kitchen needs some decorations too, not only the kitchen cabinet or kitchen sink. One of the easy decoration that you can do for your kitchen is using some wall decorations. You don’t have to worry about this because there are so many things which are suitable for decorating your kitchen. It is the same as another wall decoration, your kitchen can be decorated with frames, wall arts, and also a wall sign. You just have to choose the fit decoration with your kitchen interior design theme or style. Here we go, 17 kitchen wall decorations for your inspiration.


1. Rustic Kitchen Wall Decors

Kitchen Wall Decorations 1

Source: Pinterest

Look at this rustic kitchen. It has a lot of wall decorations but still look awesome. As long as you can put the wall decorations nicely, you can get the best result of it.


2. Kitchen Wall Decor with Cutting Boards

Kitchen Wall Decorations 2

Source: Pinterest

You can use some of your cutting boards to be the kitchen wall decoration. Try to use other things too for making a cool variation.


3. Kitchen Mug Collection

Kitchen Wall Decorations 3

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Don’t put your mug collection inside the cabinet. Hang them on your kitchen wall. The mugs can be the awesome wall decoration in your kitchen.


4. Simple Kitchen Wall

Kitchen Wall Decorations 4

Source: Pinterest

Instead of using your family photos for your kitchen wall, it will be better if you can get some simple frames with simple kitchen stuff to be hanging on.


5. Kitchen Command Center

Kitchen Wall Decorations 5

Source: Pinterest

The command center is a perfect idea to make your home tidier and organized. You can put the command center on your kitchen wall as a decoration.


6. Kitchen Wall Display

Kitchen Wall Decorations 6

Source: Pinterest

Using a lemon wreath and a wall art in your kitchen can make this room looks adorable and cute. It is called a kitchen wall display.


7. Kitchen Mason Jar Hanging Planter

Kitchen Wall Decorations 7

Source: Pinterest

It is a recommended thing to bring the real and fresh nature to your kitchen. You can use your old jars as a hanging planter on the wall.


8. Kitchen Black Wood Pallet

Kitchen Wall Decorations 8

Source: Pinterest

A black wall pallet with a strong accent decoration will give you a cool decoration for your kitchen wall. Don’t forget to write some nice words on it.


9. Black and White Kitchen Wall Art

Kitchen Wall Decorations 9

Source: Pinterest

These kinds of kitchen wall arts are easier for you. There are the printables wall arts that you can use together with the frame.


10. Kitchen Wall Sign

Kitchen Wall Decorations 10

Source: Pinterest

Get a wooden board to make a kitchen wall sign. Just write some nice words on it. This awesome wall art can be your best kitchen decoration.


11. Kitchen Art Wooden Plaque

Kitchen Wall Decorations 11

Source: Pinterest

Just using some of art wooden plaques with knife, spoon, and fork design is enough to make your kitchen wall looks stylish.


12. Kitchen Wall Decor with Fake Fruits

Kitchen Wall Decorations 12

Source: Pinterest

The pretty color of fruits can be used to be your kitchen wall decoration. You need to use some fake fruits with beautiful colors.


13. Natural Kitchen Wall Decor

Kitchen Wall Decorations 13

Source: Pinterest

It will be easier if you can decorate your kitchen wall with some floating shelves. You can put anything on the shelves like flowers, frames, and so on.


14. Kitchen Large Hanging Chalkboard

Kitchen Wall Decorations 14

Source: Pinterest

The chalkboard has a lot of function for your daily life, including to decor your kitchen wall. Using the big chalkboard can give you more chance to write anything that you want.


15. DIY Cutting Board Word Art

Kitchen Wall Decorations 15

Source: Pinterest

Just put a word on your wooden cutting boards. Hang them in your kitchen nicely. It is the best DIY wall decoration for your kitchen.


16. Pretty Wooden Wall Art

Kitchen Wall Decorations 16

Source: Pinterest

If your old wooden board needs a makeover before you can use it again, you can paint it first then write some nice words. Put it on your kitchen wall.


17. Kitchen Wall Pallet

Kitchen Wall Decorations 17

Source: Pinterest

Using the eat word, you can decorate your kitchen wall easily. The wooden pallet brings a lot of natural accent to your kitchen interior.

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