Finding the Perfect Wall Colour for a Kitchen with Grey Cabinets

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Grey kitchen cabinets are a gorgeous addition to any home! Grey is a lovely neutral color that pairs with many different shades and fits into most interior design aesthetics, from minimalism to country farmhouses.

After selecting your grey cabinets, it’s important to choose a kitchen wall color that pairs well with the shade of grey you’ve selected. As well, you’ll want to make sure your color choice reflects the aesthetic you’ve chosen for your kitchen design. But that begs the question: what wall colors go with light grey kitchen cabinets?

If you’re unsure which wall color for a kitchen with grey cabinets pairs best, read through our list below of tried and true shades, along with how they fit into certain design styles!

Also, check out this article from Caesarstone for more on how to style light grey cabinets to ensure an aesthetically-pleasing kitchen.

Wall color ideas for grey kitchen cabinets

Here are some ideas when selecting a wall color for a kitchen with grey cabinets.


White and grey are a classic color combination ideal for those who want their kitchen to feel large and fresh.

If you’ve selected a darker shade of grey, painting your walls white will help your cabinets stand out more and act as one of the focal points of your kitchen design.

This type of color scheme is perfect for a minimalist or classic style kitchen, both of which focus on neutral tones to allow for pops of color from decor and furniture pieces.


If you’re looking for something sweet and feminine, light or dusty pink walls would pair beautifully with grey kitchen cabinets. This color palette would add a soft, elegant look to your kitchen and is ideal for a cottage or vintage-style design.

If you want to embrace the pink even further, you could add light pink appliances or install pink-toned hardware like this porcelain countertop.

Or, if you’re partial to a bolder rose pink shade, this would pair nicely with light grey kitchen cabinets and fit well into a modern kitchen design.


Green is a beautiful wall color for a kitchen with grey kitchen cabinets, as these two colors blend together in a way that creates a calming, relaxed atmosphere in a room.

Those who want a homey, cozy feeling in their kitchen are well ahead to pair their grey cabinets with a softer, muted green like sage or bay leaf.

Or, if you prefer a bolder shade, a blue-green-like turquoise will add a more energetic pop of color while creating a more tranquil feeling in the room.


If you’re partial to brighter color schemes, yellow would be a great wall for grey cabinets. There are plenty of different shades of yellow to choose from, all of which will work with different kitchen aesthetics.

For instance, if you prefer a shaker/classic style kitchen design, you can pair butter-yellow walls with light grey cabinets, which will give the room a calm and peaceful atmosphere.

Or, if you like a more modern look, dark grey kitchen cabinets and yellow-gold walls will give off a more moody and glamorous vibe.


In terms of answering the question, “What color walls go with light grey cabinets?”, blue is a lovely, distinctive wall color that can be paired with grey cabinets in many different ways. Navy blue, for instance, looks great against both light and dark grey shades.

However, if you don’t want to make your kitchen look too dark, you can use navy blue paint on an accent wall and paint the other walls a shade of white or cream.

This color combination would look great in a vintage-style kitchen with mid-century-style appliances and simple, geometric furniture.

Further, if you prefer a cooler, more mellow environment, try pairing a paler, mid-blue with mid-grey cabinets. This more calming color combination would suit a minimalist or modern-style kitchen quite well.


Red and grey are two colors that pair quite well together and are a great color combination for homeowners who love the vintage Americana aesthetic.

While a fully red kitchen can be done, if you want to avoid feeling overstimulated, painting an accent wall with this color will help to add dimension and flair while still maintaining the kitchen as a more relaxed environment.

In addition to the vintage look, a red accent wall and grey kitchen cabinets also pair well for a modern or Nordic-style kitchen, as the red color works to add a pop of color while the rest of the kitchen interior can boast a more muted color palette.


Beige is another calming color that pairs quite nicely with grey kitchen cabinets. It’s perfect for those who prefer a more neutral color palette where they can add or remove bolder colors as they see fit.

For homeowners who love the farmhouse and/or Tuscan aesthetics, beige is an excellent color choice for its antique appearance. In fact, you can add more to the rustic appearance by distressing the paint on your grey cabinets.


If you want to add more vibrancy to your kitchen design, terracotta orange is a beautiful wall color for grey cabinets.

This color combination is the perfect choice for those who want to make their wall color the focal point of their kitchen while their kitchen cabinets take a back seat.

Terracotta pops out and adds a sunny look to a room, while grey helps balance out the brightness and adds a calming effect.

You can further emphasize this warmer look by adding hanging plants and earth-toned furniture, which will create an arboretum/greenhouse aesthetic, perfect for homeowners who live in the country or in a warmer climate.


Because taupe has grey undertones, it’s a great color to pair with your grey kitchen cabinets. These two colors blend well together, as their contrasting warm and cool tones create a balanced, neutral color palette.

Taupe and grey is a great color combination that fits many different aesthetics, such as farmhouse, modern, and minimalist, and allows homeowners the freedom to change their kitchen aesthetic as they please or with the seasons.

Final thoughts

When deciding on a wall color for a kitchen with grey cabinets, consider the beautiful colors listed above.

We hope this article has answered the question, “What color walls go with light grey kitchen cabinets?”

Compare and contrast these different tones to see how they fit your personal preferences and kitchen design style. Enjoy designing your beautiful new kitchen!

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