17 DIY Eclectic Home Decors

Diy Eclectic Home Decor 5

One of unique home decor design that you can use is eclectic home decor. Eclectic is about bringing unusual style into your home by combining many different things in one place. This home decor idea is perfect for you who love art with free creativity. If you need eclectic home decor but you don’t have much budget, you can try to make your own eclectic home decor in your home. Take a look at these 17 DIY eclectic home decors first if you need more references.


1. Eclectic Pipe Bookshelf

Diy Eclectic Home Decor 1

Source: pinterest

Pipe on the wall? You can use it as a bookshelf for your books. It is kind of unique storage and also simple home design for your home.


2. Eclectic Old and Bold Decor

Diy Eclectic Home Decor 2

Source: pinterest

You can use many things for your home to bring eclectic style. For example using a green color base with old stuff and furniture.


3. Eclectic Wall Art with Frames

Diy Eclectic Home Decor 3

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Eclectic home decor can be created with frames on your wall too. You can use a frame with a family photo or another artistic picture.


4. Eclectic Living Room Decor

Diy Eclectic Home Decor 4

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The eclectic home decor is all about pattern. You need one big thing to be used as room focal point like patterned carpet.


5. Rustic and Eclectic Board

Diy Eclectic Home Decor 5

Source: pinterest

Eclectic can be more look like rustic style if you use proper stuff. Just like this wooden board with a net on it. It looks very warm for your home.


6. Eclectic Wooden Wall with String Light and Frames

Diy Eclectic Home Decor 6

Source: pinterest

If you have a wooden wall in your home, you may use it to be decorated with eclectic style. Just add some string lights and frames, it will complete the home decor style.


7. DIY Hanging Herbs

Diy Eclectic Home Decor 7

Source: pinterest

Using this DIY hanging herb, your kitchen will not only get pretty eclectic home decor but also unique storage for the herbs.


8. Eclectic Patterned Carpet

Diy Eclectic Home Decor 8

Source: pinterest

Free space under the stairs? Put a big patterned carpet in it. The patterned will bring eclectic style into your home as home decor.


9. Eclectic Living Room Home Decor

Diy Eclectic Home Decor 9

Source: pinterest

You don’t need any new things to make an eclectic living room. Just prepare some interesting frames, patterned pillow cover and lampshade will create comfort home decor in your home.


10. Eclectic Home Decor on Wall, Floor, and Ceiling

Diy Eclectic Home Decor 10

Source: pinterest

Your wall, floor, and ceiling are the best area in your home to decor with eclectic decoration. You can use frames, patterned carpet, and colorful lighting to make a nice room.


11. Eclectic Kitchen Shelves

Diy Eclectic Home Decor 11

Source: pinterest

Your kitchen shelves can be used as eclectic home decor. You can put some plants and paint the kitchen countertop with an awesome color.


12. Eclectic Feminine Home Decor

Diy Eclectic Home Decor 12

Source: pinterest

If you are a woman with strong character, it is very easy to bring eclectic home decor into your home. Make sure you use color decor and unique stuff to create an eclectic style.


13. Eclectic Old Wooden Shelves

Diy Eclectic Home Decor 13

Source: pinterest

You don’t have to throw away your old wooden shelf. It is one of an awesome furniture that you can still use to decor your home with eclectic decoration.


14. Colorful Chair, Sofa, and Bench

Diy Eclectic Home Decor 14

Source: pinterest

It is great to have a chair, sofa, and also bench in your room. You can make them as eclectic home decor by using colorful and patterned style.


15. Eclectic Fall Home Decor

Diy Eclectic Home Decor 15

Source: pinterest

You can still create an eclectic home decor in fall. Just bring fall accent like pumpkins and put them nicely on your table with some old books. It is an eclectic style already!


16. Eclectic Moroccan Decor

Diy Eclectic Home Decor 16

Source: pinterest

Moroccan design can bring an eclectic style too in your home. This design will give you best extra decoration.


17. Green Eclectic Bathroom

Diy Eclectic Home Decor 17

Source: pinterest

You can’t let your bathroom looks not attractive. You can bring natural style into your bathroom using some rocks and plants.

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