Elevate Your Kitchen Aesthetics with 5 Exceptional Interior Design Concepts

Modern kitchen design

There are many things that you can use and do to design the interior of your kitchen. It is not difficult to beautify your own kitchen. Besides choosing the best storage for the kitchen utensil, you also need to choose materials and furniture. By choosing those interior elements carefully, your kitchen can serve well as its function. Here are some kitchen interior design ideas to inspire you.


1. Bay of Islands House by Herbst Architects

Bay Of Islands House 15

This new house sits on a hill overlooking pounamu-colored waters and is surrounded by lushly vegetated islands. Bay of Islands House has a beautiful kitchen interior that is inspired based on where it sits. The use of wood materials, a marble kitchen island, and a white appearance can provide a natural look.

Photographer: Jackie Meiring


2. Gitarren Haus by Bijl Architecture

Gitarren Haus 7

This unique postwar cottage has a beautiful white kitchen interior design. The idea is about bringing the pure and natural appearance through the white things into Gitarren Haus, such as white kitchen islands, white storage, white walls, and white ceiling. The dark wooden floor of this kitchen becomes the main highlight between these whites.

Photographer: Katherine Lu

3. Escu House by Bijl Architecture

Escu House 4

This highly functional home is designed to create a comfortable oasis inside. This concept also includes the interior design of its kitchen to be a part of this comfortable oasis. Escu House has a bright kitchen that comes from its kitchen island, walls, and stools. Some beautiful flower patterns can be seen on its wall.

Photographer: Katherine Lu

4. L’Accostée House by Bourgeois Lechasseur Architectes

L'Accostée House 18

This warm, friendly house is designed with a contemporary design and wooden structure. For its kitchen, L’Accostée House has an awesome kitchen interior design with exposed beams on its ceiling. These beams can support the entire modern look of this kitchen interior beautified by the grey kitchen island and white storage.

Photographer: Adrien William


5. Residence Long View by Bourgeois Lechasseur Architectes

Residence Long View 12

The kitchen space in Residence Long View is large and it also opens to the view. This kind of interior design offers a simple but effective way to appreciate the stunning landscape. With the white kitchen island in the middle of the space and the wooden floor, this room provides different qualities in enjoying the stunning views of the site.

Photographer: Adrien Williams

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