Design Your Dream Living Room: 5 Exceptional Furniture Picks to Consider

Interior decoration of modern living room.

A living room is an ideal place in your home for gathering with family and friends. In order to create a comfortable atmosphere in this room, you need to choose the best living room furniture. With different styles and colors of living room furniture, your living room will be more interesting and decorative. Here are some living room furniture ideas that you can choose for your own living room.


1. Cap St-Martin House by Bourgeois Lechasseur Architectes

Cap St Martin House 14

This warm second home is designed with a contemporary reinterpretation of the barn. Cap St-Martin House is used as a gathering place for the family with all its comfortable rooms and spaces, including its living room. The living room furniture idea in this house is about using furniture with neutral colors that have a strong presence such as grey sofas and black chairs.

Photographer: Adrien Williams


2. Chalet 4.0 by YOD Designed Lab

Chalet 4.0 5

The living room furniture idea in this part of a hotel complex also can inspire you. In Chalet 4.0, simple furniture with black color is used to beautify the living room. This kind of furniture is chosen to create a balanced look with the forest theme of the design and the connection to nature.

Photographer: Andrey Avdeenko


3. Kawakawa House Piha by Herbst Architects

Kawakawa House Piha 8

This beach house is surrounded by a spectacular natural environment, that’s why its living room is designed to capture and frame that environment. The living room furniture idea in Kawakawa House Piha is trying to bring that environment inside the house by using a beautiful leather sofa and wooden table. This living room also sits in the house space surrounded by glazed walls to enjoy the view easily.

Photographer: Patrick Reynolds


4. Bethells Bach by Herbst Architects

Bethells Bach 7

It is a coastal community bach surrounded by mountains and native bush. Bethells Bach is designed with the essence of playfulness and simplicity that also can be seen in its living room. This simplicity comes from the living room furniture with a simple sofa, a wooden side table, and completed with a small fireplace.

Photographer: Jackie Meiring


5. Zuster House by Bijl Architecture

Zuster House 12

The living room furniture in Zuster House comes in a combination of soft and neutral colors, especially its sofa and table. In order to provide a unique expression with context and occupant preferences, a grey rug is also added to this living room.

Photographer: Katherine Lu

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