10 Stylish Flooring Trends to Watch in 2025

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Home trends come and go, but your floors are forever! As we look ahead to 2025, exciting new flooring styles are emerging that will bring warmth, beauty, and personality to your home. Let’s explore the top 10 flooring trends you need to know about for the coming year!

Wide Plank Wood Floors

Love the rustic look of wood floors but find traditional narrow planks too busy for your taste? Wide plank wood floors are about to be everywhere! Using boards up to 9 inches across, this style gives wooden floors a modern yet cozy vibe. The wide planks make small spaces appear bigger and work beautifully with transitional or contemporary decor. Both solid and engineered wood options are available – wide wood works on any floor within your budget. 

Moroccan-Style Tile

Add an exotic yet elegant touch in 2025 with Moroccan-style tile floors. Inspired by intricate patterns found in mosaics across Morocco, these floors use handmade encaustic cement tiles in vivid colours like navy, scarlet, and gold. As durable as they are decorative, Moroccan tiles have graced palaces for centuries and are finally within reach. Lay them throughout your home, or use them to accent specific rooms for a worldly flair! 

Geometric Black & White Tile

If black and white feels anything but boring to you, then this fresh take on geometric tile should catch your eye! Interlocking patterns in high-contrast black and white evoke modern minimalism with shapes like stacked cubes, overlapping circles, and zigzag chevrons. Use these graphic floors to amplify an industrial loft or complement a contemporary space. This versatile style works beautifully as a full floor or as an accent in entryways, bathrooms, kitchens, and laundries.

Bamboo Flooring

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For those seeking sustainable flooring options, bamboo is back in a big way for 2025! Technically a grass, bamboo is now being made into planks perfect for fashionable flooring. Durable enough for any high-traffic area, bamboo comes in natural light colors and carbonized dark hues to match any design aesthetic. As a renewable resource that grows rapidly without the need for fertilizer or irrigation, bamboo floors are an eco-friendly choice you don’t have to sacrifice style for!

Vinyl Wood Plank Flooring

Love the look of wood floors but not the high price tag and required maintenance? Manufacturers like Eko Flooring have something that checks your boxes! Mimicking all varieties of natural wood while resisting moisture, stains, and scratches, today’s vinyl planks are nothing like sticky old linoleum. From a distance, no one can distinguish them from real hardwood. And large format vinyl planks click together for DIY-friendly installation wherever hardwood isn’t possible like basements, kitchens, or bathrooms.

Patterned Kitchen Tile

Tired of basic backsplash tile in 2024? Next year, be bold by using graphic mosaic tile across your entire kitchen floor! Contemporary patterns like harlequin diamonds, overlapping circles, and deconstructed cobblestones create a high-impact style underfoot. Pair with simple wall colors to let your dazzling floors shine. Easy-clean and durable porcelain makes pattern tile suitable even for messy family kitchens. Cement options allow vibrant colors and artisan shapes for one-of-a-kind chic!

Encaustic Cement Tile

Never heard of encaustic cement tile? Get ready to fall in love with this centuries-old decorative tile handcrafted using pigment poured into mortar. The liquid clays create unique markings and vivid dimensions within each encaustic tile for utterly distinctive floors. Use it as an accent border or make a geometric statement across any room you want to transform. Available in a kaleidoscope of colors and global designs, encaustic cement tiles add bespoke beauty without custom order costs.

Stone Look Porcelain

Enjoy the unmodified beauty of natural stone without high costs and upkeep with stone-looking porcelain tile. Taking porcelain realism to new levels, these tiles capture the color variations, veining, and textures of real stones like marble, travertine, and slate. Super durable and easy to clean, stone-looking porcelain brings high-end style into family-friendly homes. Use it to create old-world charm or modern luxury since colors range from classic creams and caramels to trend-forward greys and inky blues.

Bold Basketweave Tile

Don’t want to fade into the background? Make a graphic flooring statement in 2025 with bold basketweave tile. Available in dynamic colors and prints, basketweave floors crisscross long rectangular tiles in an interlocking woven pattern. The eye-catching geometry works beautifully on walls and floors to amplify transitional or contemporary spaces. Use in entryways, kitchens, even bathrooms, and laundries that crave chic charm. Easy-install large format basketweave tiles promise to elevate your home next year.

Patchwork Tile

Last but certainly not least of trends to watch – get creative in 2025 by mixing and matching tile shapes, sizes, and colors into dazzling patchwork floors. Using luxury cement tiles, create custom area rugs, borders, and floors brimming with personality. Or design morphological patterns that flow organically across rooms with dimensional encaustic tiles. Adopt a touch of whimsy by incorporating contrasting prints and mosaics. However you patch them together, these artistic floors will beautifully brighten boho, global chic, and eclectic spaces next year.

The only limit to stylish floors in 2025 is your imagination. Take cues from these top trends or use them as inspiration to design custom floors as unique as you!

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