How to Make Your Closet Smell Amazing: 8 Simple Techniques

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Make closet cleaning easy by following these 8 simple techniques, and let that fresh air flow enter your wardrobe.

The man is truly made by his attire.  People’s perceptions of us and our thoughts are influenced by what we wear. According to research, based just on the shoes, someone wears most frequently, we can accurately infer a person’s politics, personality, and financial status. One way to showcase yours is to keep your closet clean and odor-free. Here are 8 simple techniques for closet cleaning in Los Angeles.

1. Keep only clean clothes in storage

The laundry room is exactly where a fresh closet begins. Wearing a pair of pants, a sweater, or any article of clothes and putting them back in the closet before washing is common. However, deep cleaning your garments is crucial in removing body oils and other contaminants, and don’t remain in them for an extended period of time.

2. Wash and dry your workout attire properly

The fragrance of your wardrobe, particularly that of your workout gear, may be greatly affected by how well you wash and dry your clothes. For deep cleaning, add these affordable cleaning agents—a cup of baking soda or white distilled vinegar—to your wash while washing workout clothing to help eliminate smells and improve the performance of your detergent. Don’t dry your workout attire in the dryer. Rather, hang them to dry naturally.

3. Create a system

During your housekeeping routine, organize your closet to prevent items from gathering or becoming misplaced. You can easily see everything when everything is in its proper location, maximizing the use of your whole wardrobe and preventing dust or bugs from gathering on your clothing.

4. Purposefully declutter

It can be worthwhile to clear or store stuff for other seasons in a different place if you frequently find yourself dodging falling handbags as you open the door. For instance, you don’t need bulky jackets and boots in the midst of the summer, and you can put away your swimming suits and summer clothes for the winter. Along with making more room in your closet and making it easier to select things you can wear right away, it will also enable air to flow around your current stock.

5. Add pine or cedar

According to one research, people with clothes that smell like pine are perceived as being more successful, intellectual, friendly, clean, and beautiful than people whose clothes smell like onion or smoke. To keep your closet smelling fresh, use these affordable fragrant closet liners like pine wall panels, cedar closet liners, or even cedar panels. By eliminating moisture from the air, which is particularly crucial in humid regions, cedar’s natural scent aids in preventing the growth of mold and mildew. Pine is typically less costly than cedar and naturally repels insects. It also has a lovely scent.

6. Open the closet and bring the kitchen in

Okay, so the entire kitchen might not be able to be deodorized, but lavender, lemon, and coffee can all help in housekeeping Los Angeles. The acidity of lemons aids in odor elimination. Lemon peels should be boiled to release their aromatic acids. To keep your wardrobe smelling clean and fresh and to help deter moths, make some lavender sachets and hang them in your closet or put them in your drawers.

Because they stimulate a sense of smell, coffee beans are frequently found in little jars on perfume counters. Add a little jar to your closet to absorb bad scents as part of your housekeeping routine.

Spray the interior of your closet with an equal mixture of vinegar and water to help freshen the air. And lastly, use baking soda. It is an affordable but very effective deep cleaning agent which does wonder for absorbing odors. Like you would in your refrigerator, add a few spoonfuls to a jar and let it start working its moisture-absorbing magic.

7. Choose a few air fresheners

Freshening the air is exactly what air fresheners are intended to do. To refresh your closet, apply a spray or a concentrated hanging air freshener.

Additionally, you may create an affordable DIY spray air freshener by mixing distilled white vinegar with water in a spray bottle and adding 10–12 drops of essential oil. Citrus peels, such as those from lemons or oranges, can be added to the container for a fresh aroma if you’re avoiding essential oils for the safety of your pet.

8. Add baking soda

You are well aware that keeping baking soda in the refrigerator will prevent unpleasant odors. The good news is that this affordable home item is effective in absorbing scents from closets. Keep a box of baking soda in the closet, preferably somewhere it won’t be knocked over and is out of the way. Additionally, you can quickly get rid of musty odors by placing a few tablespoons in a jar, bowl, or another container for about 24 hours.

When you clean the rest of the house, do you sweep or vacuum your closet as well? We don’t spend much time in the closet, so it’s simple to ignore it. However, dust and dirt can gather here as well, adding to bad odors. Make sure to do the closet cleaning in Los Angeles on a weekly basis as part of your regular housekeeping routine.

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