Oriental Rug Cleaning Blunders You Should Avoid

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An oriental rug may be one of the most expensive home decor investments you make. But you will probably have no qualms about shelling big money to own these luxury pieces because they enhance the aesthetics of your living space. However, you must do your bit for the care and maintenance of these precious items because they can prolong their lifespan. The best piece of advice is to keep them clean and shiny. But homeowners often end up making some costly mistakes while cleaning their oriental rugs. Here are the blunders you should absolutely avoid.

Mistake #1- Leaving a spill on your oriental rug untreated

Spills are inevitable if you have kids and pets at home. But letting them stain your oriental rug is the worst mistake. Never procrastinate on the cleaning whether the spill is a liquid, oily food, or medicine. Blotting it immediately with a soft cloth may not be enough, though it may prevent the spilled food or liquid from seeping deep into the fibers. Remove the food to prevent lodging in between the delicate fibers. Calling an expert to address the problem is vital after doing first aid.

Mistake #2- Scrubbing the fibers

When an accident occurs, you will probably want to do some damage control. Scrubbing your oriental rug may be an obvious step, but it will hurt more than you imagine. It can damage the soft fibers and even cause dye bleed if you use a wet cloth for scrubbing. Moreover, the piece may end up looking forlorn and faded. The best option is to blot the area with a clean cloth and get help.

Mistake #3- Investing in a DIY job

Every time you get on with a deep cleaning spree, you may want to clean your rug to remove the dust and dirt just like every other decor item. But the best way is to let experts handle the oriental rug cleaning project. Skip the idea of a DIY job because it may save you a few dollars but ruin your investment for good. Let professional cleaners do it because they have the right expertise, equipment, and technique.

Mistake #4- Using carpet deodorizer

Using carpet deodorizer is another blunder you must avoid with your precious oriental piece. Although it looks like a quick fix to make your place smell good, the corrosive chemicals in the product can damage your rug. You may see faded spots and even bleached areas on the piece. A professional can eliminate the odor and freshen up the piece without damaging it.

Mistake #5- Frequently vacuuming the oriental rug

You may be finicky about cleanliness, but vacuuming your oriental rug is not a great idea. It can cause thinning of the fibers and color fading. The piece may fray sooner than later, and you lose the precious investment you expect to last for years. Once again, scheduling regular cleanups by experts is the best alternative. The job can last for months, provided you are careful about spills.

Avoiding these oriental rug blunders is enough to make your investment last. Also, find a cleaning service you can rely on to keep your precious belongings new and beautiful for years.

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