How Professional Indoor and Outdoor Painting Transforms the Beauty of Your Home

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When you approach the task of home renovations, it can seem like descending into a rabbit hole of questions that are seemingly neverending. Nevertheless, as is the way with most things in life, start with the simplest option and go from there. But what is the most straightforward technique for making your home look fabulous without breaking the bank or being too overly ambitious in scope? The answer lies in using color to creatively turn your humdrum house into a masterpiece of personality and character by picking up a paintbrush and beginning the process.

However, if you aren’t the handiest homeowner around and want to enjoy the result rather than worry about redoing the entire job a year later, going down the professional route will be your best bet. Professional painters have the expertise to get the job done on time and on budget, all while ensuring the end result looks fabulous. This post will take a look at some of the ways that getting a professional to perform this task will pay dividends for both aesthetic beauty and peace of mind.

Professionals Have The Expertise Necessary To Do A Good Job

Believe it or not, there are many folks who think that hiring a painter is simply not worth the money since it’s something they could do by themselves on a weekend. However, nothing could be further from the truth, as you discover throughout this post. Perhaps the most apparent reason for investing in the pros is the sheer amount of expertise they have gained throughout their career. Painting isn’t quite as straightforward as many make it out to be, and you can rapidly find yourself way out of your league before you know it. Almost all experienced painters will have numerous jobs under their belts and know precisely how to approach an assignment. This means having an understanding of costs per square foot to save you money on paint, whether the walls need treating before applying pain (i.e., stripping old wallpaper, applying special undercoats, etc), and a good idea of how long the job will take. Not only this, but they will also know the little tricks of the trade that turn an “OK” paint job into something spectacular.

They Are Aware Of What Is Necessary For A High-Quality Exterior Paint Job

If you thought that painting interiors was difficult, you will be surprised at how challenging an exterior paint job can be. While painting walls and furniture inside has its various challenges, the exterior of a house presents numerous issues that must be addressed before you even open your first can of paint. It is not just the height itself that presents challenges but also the potential for a wide range of weather conditions that could destroy your hard work if done incorrectly over the course of a year. If you were to attempt an exterior paint yourself, you would have to suffer the added expenses of investing in a wide range of tools, from ladders to extended paint rollers, or possibly find a scaffolding service and somehow tell them what you need. Aside from these points, painting the outside of a house carries a range of additional techniques that you simply might be unaware of. For example, not only will you have to spend long, demanding days stripping away any old paint, but you must also treat any wood, apply several layers of the (correct type) undercoat, and ensure that you haven’t bought multiple gallons of the wrong paint.

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Their Results Usually Last Longer

While you might be able to get the job completed to a relatively satisfactory state, there is another aspect that professional painters bring to the table: longevity. Because of how they perform the task, you are more assured that the final outcome will last much longer than if you were to do it yourself. This results from having an acute understanding of how to apply the right amount of paint in the right way so as to avoid flaking, damaging drywall, and other issues that often rear their heads a month or two after the job is done.

They Pay Attention To Details That You Might Ignore Due To Time Or Skill Constraints

Let’s be honest: most of you reading this will have a full-time job and perhaps only have a couple of days free to paint your entire home. This simply isn’t enough time to get it to a very high level that you probably want. Additionally, painting is much more full-on than you imagine, and most folks just won’t have the know-how to get the main points right, let alone the finer details. Professionals who have been in the industry for years will be far more attuned to small details, which can be the difference between something you are pretty happy with and that you are proud to shop off to your neighbors!

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They Bring Their Own High-Quality Tools

A paintbrush is a paintbrush, right? Well, to the average layman, yes, this is partially true. However, in the business, there are multiple options that have differing outcomes. The cheapest options in your local hardware store might appear to be (a lot) more inexpensive than other options, but what you save in financial terms, you lose out massively in terms of quality. A pro knows this and invests in their tools accordingly. They should have a range of brushes made using natural hairs (or at least a blend), which soak up a measured amount of paint and are able to cut into edges far more precisely.

You Can Discuss With Them Precisely What You Want

It can be difficult to translate what’s inside your brain into reality, and doubly so when attempting the entire job independently. When you hire a painter decorator, you are also hiring someone to bounce ideas around with and can also proffer some qualified advice regarding paints, costs, colors, and more. Because of their experience, they will have a wealth of knowledge they can offer for a huge variety of different spaces. This is enormously valuable and can dramatically reduce the stress involved with the process.

If you need to repaint either the inside or outside of your home (or both), it pays to bring in those who have been doing it for years. Not only will they have the tools and experience to get the job done right, but they can also give advice on various aspects of the job so everyone comes away happy.

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