5 Indications That Gopher Control Services Are Needed

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While gophers might come across as small, harmless creatures, they can wreak havoc on your property. Early detection of a gopher invasion can save you much hassle and unnecessary expenditure.

Notice any of the following five indications. It might be a clear sign that it’s time to consider recruiting professional gopher services. These experts can help you effectively handle the situation and ensure the long-term success of your pest control efforts. 

Small Holes and Mounds Appearing in Your Lawn

One of the most noticeable signs of a gopher infestation is the emergence of small holes and mounds in your lawn or garden. Gophers inhabit intricate burrow systems under the ground, often pushing soil to the surface and forming mounds. These mounds not only mar the appearance of your yard but can also cause tripping hazards for people and pets. If these formations have started appearing in your yard, it could be an indication that you need professional gopher control.

Damage to Plants and Gardens

Gophers have a diet consisting of roots, bulbs, and tubers, turning your garden into their dining area. If you’ve observed unexpected damage to your plants, such as withering or vanishing vegetation, gophers could be the culprits. These pests can obliterate a stunning garden quickly, leaving behind a path of destruction. Professional gopher control services can help preserve your garden and keep it flourishing.

Increase in Other Pest Presence

Interestingly enough, gophers can draw other unwelcome visitors to your property. Animals such as snakes, dogs, coyotes, long-tailed weasels, and skunks prey on gophers and may frequent your yard in search of food. The last thing anyone wants is a procession of pests in their backyard, making gopher control all the more essential.

Changes with the Seasons

Gophers are most active between spring and fall, so you might observe an upsurge in gopher activity during these seasons. If you’ve observed any of the above signs during these months, you’re likely dealing with a gopher issue. Keep a close watch for any alterations in your garden or lawn, particularly during these seasons.

Infestation Persists Despite DIY Attempts

You might have attempted DIY methods to eliminate gophers, but these creatures are tenacious. If you’re grappling with a persistent infestation despite your best efforts, it’s time to engage the professionals. Professional gopher control services possess the knowledge and tools to handle gopher invasions and prevent their recurrence effectively.

Reclaim Your Garden: The Final Word on Effective Gopher Control

Gophers are more than just an annoyance. They can inflict severe damage on your property and draw other pests. Recognizing the signs of a gopher invasion is the initial step toward safeguarding your home and garden.

Suppose you’ve observed small holes and mounds in your lawn, damaged plants, an increase in other pests, seasonal changes, or a persistent infestation despite your best DIY attempts. In that case, it’s time to consider professional gopher control. The best way to revise a frustrating, costly issue is to be proactive and respond quickly. Before your property is overrun, act at the first sign of trouble. 

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