5 Ways to Glam Your Interior With Metallic Home Accents

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Metallic accents are known to exude a vintage and classy ambiance. But that’s not all. They can also lighten up a room, make a space feel bigger and wider, and take out the best of something old and ordinary.

If you’re looking for ways to turn your abode bright, airy, and glamorous, you’re in the right place. Here are some tips to quickly revamp your home with a glitzy decor scheme and a pop of sophisticated metallic accents.

Mix the Right Metals

Add a touch of shine by adding metals or finishes in the design industry. They give a sophisticated, timeless feel to any interior. To choose and mix the right metals, remember the following:

  1. Have two finishes in a small space, while three finishes in a larger space;
  2. Apply the 70-30 color rule;
  3. Pair warm and cool undertones;
  4. Pair two different lusters (like high shine with low shine);
  5. Find one element that combines the two finishes; and
  6. Balance finishes with visual heights.

Moreover, metallic hardware can be in brass, bronze, copper, gold, or silver, and their styles can be country, vintage, or modern. So when adding metallic hardware, ensure that their colors and styles will fit your room’s interior and overall home decor.

Add Glitzy Touches

Elegant spaces with gold touches are still on the trend these days. But there’s no need to turn all your room’s corners in deep lustrous yellow. It’ll just make your space look overdone. Subtle golden touches can make a classy statement right away.

For example, change your fabrics, such as curtains, rugs, pillows, or linens, with materials that have gold accents. Another is to repaint your wall from neutral-colored to glimmering gold paint.

But if that’s too daring for you, consider adding gold accents to some furniture. And if that’s still not your cup of tea or sounds like a lot of work, hints of glitz can do the trick. Pillows with specks of gold trim or swirls of glittery can already make a difference.

Hang Metal Lights to Anchor Space 

Anchoring is just a fancy word to say pulling a space and disparate design elements together. Instead of individually competing for attention, it’s making each of your furniture and accessories work as a whole. It’ll also make your space more visually accessible.

One way to anchor is a hanging light in the center of a room or an open area. It’ll define the boundaries of the space underneath it. To further mark the space, hang any colored or polished metal light, especially in a space with few to no metallic accents.

For example, place a chandelier as a centerpiece of your hallways, living rooms, dining areas, or bedrooms. It won’t add a glamorous accent but also serve as a focal point, drawing people’s eyes up and creating a dramatic triangle above the expanse below it.

If your ceiling is quite low or the cost of chandeliers is quite too much for you, don’t worry. There are several other alternatives you can opt for, such as artworks, speckled-silver furniture pieces, or copper pendant lights. They can all naturally brighten up and visually open spaces.

Cover Walls With Metallic Wallpapers 

First of all, the metallic wallcovering is a major statement in your overall interior. Doing so without prior experience and sufficient knowledge can be quite risky. It’s recommended to seek help from an experienced friend or professional.

For a simple tryout, here are some quick tips you can follow. Try making an accent wall by applying textured metallic paint with a sponge on one wall in your rooms. For a more challenging one, paint your ceilings in metallic color. It can give a dramatic and glamorous effect.

If you prefer less grueling and time-consuming, consider using metallic grasscloth wallpapers for an added elegant sheen. There are various geometric, floral, toile, tribal, and tropical designs, so be sure to go for something that falls under a metallic color scheme.

Place Metallic Furnishing

Another simple way to incorporate metallic home accents in your interior is by placing small or large furniture pieces with metallic touches. For example, if your room is painted in gray, white, or any other neutral colors, add high-shine, high-gloss furniture pieces like mirrors. They won’t only leave a sophisticated appeal but also create an illusion of a bigger, airier, and brighter space.

You can also repaint your furniture pieces in metallic colors by yourself. If you want something more dramatic, recolor the feet of your tables in copper or gold and pair them with dark upholstered chairs with arms painted in brass, copper, or silver. These color combinations will make your space stand out.

Wallpaper vs. Paint

Wallpaper is more expensive but cost-effective in the long run. It lasts 15 years or longer than paint, reducing future investment costs. On the other hand, paints have cheaper upfront costs and are easier to wipe and repaint. It lends itself well to individuals with changing tastes.

But if you really want to make the most of your investment, comparing insurance quotes and getting insured before revamping will help you big time. It won’t only cover unforeseen damage costs but also increase your home value should you put it on sale.

When you remodel your home, its replacement value or the cost to repair or rebuild your property will likely increase. Once replacement value increases, the value of your home follows.

Home insurance also changes with any remodeling work. It’s because homeowner insurance is significantly based on the cost of rebuilding your home. So it’s recommended to contact your insurer before remodeling work since a higher replacement value could increase your home insurance premiums.

Final Thoughts

Knowing which colors work well with metal color palettes is crucial. Otherwise, they’ll be overdone and end up being tacky. And don’t miss out on the gradients. With the right combinations of colors alongside gradients, the glimmering effects of the metallic accents in your interior will be more realistic.

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