Pick Your Favorite: The Top 10 Idaho Cities to Live In

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If you’re planning a trip to Idaho, there are a few cities that stand out above the rest. Each of the top cities in the state have their own charm and individuality. But there are a select few that have proven to leave a lasting impact on visitors.

1. Sandpoint

Sandpoint is the city that provides the best suburban experience in Idaho. This is why the best Sandpoint Idaho homes for sale are located in this above average area. The area feels different than the other cities without needing to have everything crammed into one space.

2. Boise

You can’t mention Idaho without mention Boise, an A-rated city. Schools are top notch here, and the cost of living has made it the go to place for prospective college students. With the high number of available jobs, Boise is usually the city of choice for many.

3. Sun Valley

Speaking of small places, the rural village of Sun Valley has always ranked high as places to visit. The best word to describe it is cozy, community driven and dreamy. It is the place that you dream about retiring to after a long life in the city.

4. Eagle

As far as mid-sized towns go, Eagle is the most memorable. This community-oriented town is the starting point for a lot of itineraries throughout Idaho.

5. Meridian

If you like Boise, then Meridian is a short commute from the east. Think of it as ‘more Boise’, but with less leaning on the city appeal.

6. Ammon

Over fourteen thousand residents have made their home in Ammon. The homes are huge, but the prices remain steady. If you talk to the residents in the area, they will be more than happy to tell you how much better Ammon is than the other cities!

7. Moscow

When people think of Moscow, it’s Russia that is the first thing to come to mind. But the humble town of Moscow, Idaho is a small bustling town with affordable rent. This has attracted a lot of developers that want to push business into this beautiful landscape.

8. Hailey

The best range of schools in Idaho can be found in Hailey. It’s also close to Sawtooth National Forest, so is a great place to stay if your family likes outdoor activities. Even with recent development, the rental and purchase prices of homes remain affordable.

9. Ketchum

Near Sun Valley is Ketchum, a large town with a suburban vibe. There are tons of outdoor activities and investment opportunities in the area.

10. Sugar City

Real estate in Sugar City is excellent and incredibly affordable. Despite the low prices, these are some of the best homes in Idaho. If you want to raise a family in a quiet neighborhood, then Sugar City has great potential.

Plenty of Things to See

Set your expectations high and prepare to be blown away by these incredible cities. Idaho loves to charm tourists and turn them into longtime locals. Whether you’re passing through or planning a vacation, take your time to enjoy all that the state has to offer.

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